Students in the north-east of England are learning more about how the latest measurement technology can help them solve manufacturing challenges.

Pupils at University Technical College (UTC) South Durham are using a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence ROMER Absolute portable measuring arm as part of their studies.

In addition to normal school lessons, groups of 14-18-year-olds spend a day each week on manufacturing and engineering projects set by founding members of the Newton Aycliffe-based college which includes the University of Sunderland.

Students are tasked by tutors to identify root causes, resolve issues and develop solutions to a series of industry-related scenarios, explained David Land, the vice chair of the UTC governing body.

The measuring arm has already been widely used on a number of projects, in particular, for performing scanning assignments.

“It’s an excellent piece of kit and gives our students the opportunity not only to use modern technology, but also understand how it can be utilised in the manufacturing environment,” said David.

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