ESI Group to hold a free Virtual prototyping Webinar

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Virtual prototyping: Digital design comes to life with VR


Who Should Attend?

This webcast is open to anyone interested in the use of virtual reality to enhance the ability to visualise and assess the quality of products in a virtual environment – without the need for physical prototyping

The webcast includes the following presentations:
Eric Kam, Immersive Experience Product Marketing


With the introduction of affordable consumer and enterprise head mounted displays (HMD), engineering groups are faced with the challenge of addressing how they might benefit from the implementation of this new technology. More than just a new way to look at the design, VR can provide new pathways for engineers, designers, and their customer to experience new products and process; without the construction of mock-ups and practical prototypes.

Virtual reality, properly implemented, can provide any HMD equipped engineer with the right software to have physically realistic digital prototypes accessible at their fingertips. With an immersive virtual prototype engineering teams can assess the integration of product, people, and process, in life-sized immersive environments.

Join engineering virtual reality pioneers ESI | IC.IDO in this webcast as they outline the differences between 3D stereo CAD data viewing and immersive virtual prototyping. With experience back to the turn of the century, their VR customers have delivered value in many products that touch your lives every day.

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