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  1. Application for the certificate can be made up to 20th May 2015 for the presentation at the GTMA Annual Conference on 24th June 2015


  1. Applications must be made within 16 months of the finish of the formal craft training.


  1. For qualification, the period of training must be at least three years and applications will not be considered before the end of the training period whatever the duration.


  1. Only in exceptional circumstances will the certificate be awarded before the applicant reaches the age of 20 years, as at the 31st December 2014.


  1. Evidence must be supplied of the starting and finishing date of the training. Apprenticeship deeds, letters of intent or such other documents that give verification of formal training must be produced.


  1. Applicants will be required to show that their training was in craftsmanship producing products within Toolmaking, Gauge Making, and Precision Machining.


  1. Evidence of craftsmanship must be provided by one or more of the following:


  • At least two module passes from an accredited training agency or equivalent standard.


  • Success in any national or local practical competition.


  1. Two signatures will be required in support. Director and Training Officer or Works Manager.


  1. The Association reserves the right to interview any candidate if considered necessary either at the company or at the Association venue, to verify that the candidate qualifies.


Application Form Can Be Downloaded From Here

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