Jigs And Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures play a critical role in the CNC machining process.

Jigs are a type of tool that is custom-made for the control of location and motion of parts or tools. A jig is critically important to CNC Machining process as it provides accuracy, interchangeability and repeatability in the manufacturing of products.

On the other hand, Fixtures provide holding or supporting properties to securely position a material used in CNC Machining in a specific location and/or orientation to enable the platform for CNC machining to take place and produce the parts demanded and required.

Together these two components help provide the basic principles required for CNC machining to take place. As fixtures hold the material in place whilst the Jig guides the tool that has been used to shape the material.

GTMA’s supplier directory provides companies that provide these services to businesses. GTMA’s Jigs and Fixtures section of their Supplier Directory has numerous variations of Jigs and Fixtures for a wealth of uses and opportunities within the CNC Machining process. As well as offering specific Jigs and Fixtures services, the Supplier Directory provides companies that have combined the two areas; Jigs and Fixtures as a further method of improving the CNC Machining process for businesses.

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