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Alicona manufactures standard products for optical surface metrology. Its ability to image and measure in 3D provides unique measurement opportunities in many areas including EDM spark erosion, materials surface characterisation and surface roughness measurement.

Also we can offer custom designed solutions for in line and lab based measurements in the micro and nano range. These solutions use our 3D sensor technology with a measurement head mounted on a robot or a gantry system and can measure in the Macro, Micro and nano range via optical 3D surface metrology providing efficient and easy to achieve quality assurance. This includes in areas of complex geometries including those with steep flanks and diffuse reflections.

Alicona’s product range includes:

InfiniteFocus – For 3D measurement with a vertical resolution to 10nm even on steep flanks, varying reflections and very rough surfaces.

EdgeMaster – This instrument measures cutting tool geometry and edge radius automatically. By these measurements tool life can be increased increase feed rates and optimises quality of results.

MeX – A stand alone software package for use with SEM that turns the SEM into a true measurement device traceable metrology measuring.

Alicona systems are designed to serve specific customer needs whether in manufacturing areas such as automatic inspection of welding spots, precision engineering, tool and mould making or in sectors as diverse as electronics, medical device development or automotive.

The company’s customer care program service and efficient project management assure products and measurement solutions that are fast, precise, and reliable and meet and exceed expectations


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