Autodesk Advanced Consulting


Autodesk Advanced Consulting works with clients, mainly in the aerospace and power generation industries, to improve their manufacturing processes so increasing productivity, improving accuracy and shortening lead times. In particular, this is achieved through the use of adaptive machining, Autodesk’s unique combination of machining and inspection technology.

The services offered by AAC vary from providing extra design and programming resources when the customer’s existing staff are overloaded, through to developing completely new turn-key processes for the production of novel designs, including the manufacture of prototypes or initial production runs. These services are attracting increased demand as many companies now find that their engineering resource is needed to maintain their on-going operations, leaving them limited capacity to introduce new products and develop new processes.

The main areas of expertise are: –

  • Adaptive fixturing to speed up and simplify set-ups, and remove human error
  • Adaptive machining to eliminate costly hand finishing operations after the machining process
  • Using robots for machining, grinding, polishing, and deburring operations
  • Automation of complex manufacturing processes
  • Development of custom software for specific applications

Autodesk Advanced Consulting also includes Autodesk’s unique in-house manufacturing facility, which contains a range of sophisticated machine tools and inspection equipment. These resources allow processes developed by AAC to be proven on machinery at Autodesk Professional Services Birmingham headquarters before being transferred onto equipment at the customer’s site. Again, using these services eliminates any disruption of on-going production when prototypes or short-run samples are required for trials.




Plant/Equipment                                   ” X” mm                          ” Y”mm                    ” Z”mm

Huron KX200 5 axis                           3,300mm                            2,300mm                       1,000mm

DMG   DMU160 P 5 axis                      1,600                                     1,250                                  1,000

Hermle C50U MT 5-Axis                    1,000                                     1,100                                   750

Mazak VariAxis 630 5-axis                  630                                         715                                      510

Huron VX12                                            1220                                       600                                  610

Inspection Machines

Gom ATOS scan box                                  2,000                                   2,000                              1,500

Poli Galaxy CNC                                           2,300                                   1,200                               1,000

Poli Sky CNC                                              400                                       400                                  300

Romer Inspection Arm                          2,400                                     2,400                              2,400


CADCAM Hardware/Software

Nine CAD/CAM Workstations running latest release Delcam software:



ArtCAM Pro



Delcam for SolidWorks