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The award-winning company is the UK’s longest-established, largest GOM service provider, with over 30 years’ combined experience of 3D non-contact measurement services including 3D scanning, quality inspection and reverse engineering.

Fully mobile systems allow measurement at clients’ sites, and our automated ScanBox facility provides batch inspection capability in the Midlands.



Since 2005, Physical Digital® has been providing reliability, traceability and accuracy through our complete 3D scanning and measurement service, including quality inspection and reverse engineering. Using the industry-leading GOM ATOS and TRITOP optical measurement systems, we support clients from a broad range of sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Motorsports, Marine, Medical, Film, Design, Renewable Energy and Tooling.

The award-winning company is the UK’s longest-established and largest GOM service provider, offering over 40 years’ combined experience of 3D non-contact measurement and related services:

Mobile 3D Scanning Service

Our highly-trained engineers operate a fully mobile service, bringing our 3D scanning systems to your site for part measurement and inspection, thereby offering minimal disruption to your production schedules, reducing losses, transport costs and down time.

Automated Measurement for Batch Inspection

In addition, Physical Digital offers the only automated 16M High Resolution GOM ATOS ScanBox 5120 measurement cell service facility in the UK, providing an independent contract measurement service for multiple part inspection. This allows for high-volume contract inspection within a reduced timeframe, significantly reducing the costs associated with batch measurement.

Quality Inspection

We have the capability to provide the measurement and inspection of complex parts and assemblies ranging in size between under 10mm to over 25m, providing data with repeatable accuracy in industry-specific or customer-specific report format. 

Reverse Engineering

Our dedicated in-house team of design engineers provides a complete reverse engineering service to complement the GOM data capture and inspection software. Physical Digital offers a one-stop-shop for both fully surfaced Class A and Quick Surface information, watertight STL meshes and complemented with inspection reports. We ensure the fast replication of freeform and organic products, for use in design, development, modelling, rapid prototyping, milling and injection moulding.

Measurement Related Services

Physical Digital’s engineers have a wealth of experience in a wide range of metrology-related services including product design, motion analysis, computer aided engineering, digital archiving, aero and turbine services and advanced component services.



GOM ATOS Triple Scan III|TRITOP Photogrammetry

ATOS ScanBox 5120|ATOS Compact Scan x2 mobile