7 Reasons to upgrade your CMM

Hardware of a CMM equipment has been built and designed to last decades, however software and control systems continue to improve at a rapid rate

Eley Metrology  share 7 reasons why an upgrade will improve your financial growth.

  • Compatibility across multiple measuring devices – Standardising to a single measurement software on your manual and DCC CMMs plus portable arm CMMs can lead to a reduced training and support burden and allow a more flexible use of your engineers.
  • Future Proof – Confidence that your CMM will perform measurement tasks for today and in the future.
  • Staying on top of emerging technology – As new software evolves, their interface capabilities become far more superior with a larger range of controllers displaying results using virtual simulation and graphics as well as the ability to read CAD files.
  • Increased productivity – Time and money is saved due to a greater throughput which is achieved using the latest sensor technology
  • Reduced maintenance costs – With cutting edge control systems and electronics, the CMM operational aspects are far more reliable and therefore reduces CMM servicing costs and time.
  • Improved performance – The drive system and motors determine the overall performance of your CMM and with wear and tera the results lower throughput. By upgrading the drive system, the performance will remain at its peak until it requires
  • Accuracy – In today’s technology the scale system is far more superior and will ensure your CMM continues to operate at the highest level of accuracy for many years.

Upgrading your CMM with new controllers, application software and new sensor equipment is an efficient cost-effective path of acquiring accurate application and inspection results in a short space of time.

With more than 30 years of metrology experience, our engineers are able to upgrade your CMM with minimum effort to improve and enhance your teams operational performance.



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