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 advice based upon their profes- sional judgement by:
• providing assurance on the direction of the overarching sector strategies
• ensuring that the metrology challenges are appropriate and relevant
• challenging project outcomes and impact
• advising on whether the pro- grammes provide value for money
• regularly reviewing progress through quarterly reports, per- formance indicators and the NMS Annual Review.
In the Delivery Plan's Executive Summary it says: The NMS has a critical role in ensuring that the UK meets its international meas- urement needs, and supporting the UK in critical policy, regula- tion, legislation and maintains sovereign capability.
It will have a role in delivering and supporting the UK’s Industrial Strategy by helping people develop new skills, pro- vide services to businesses developing new technologies and taking part in its Grand Challenges such as Clean Growth and Artificial Intelligence.
It notes that the world is getting ever more interconnected, with networks of sensors and other instruments making more meas- urements and making them more frequently than ever before. The digital revolution has brought with it the ability to gen- erate, combine and manipulate huge quantities of data, but more data does not necessarily increase their value.
Tackling this challenge will require close working with the many constituents of the com- munity including The Alan Turing Institute, Hartree Centre, acade- mia, industry, other National Measurement Institutes and across government.
Between 2017 and 2020 the NMS will:
• lead and publish a review to identify and understand the measurement needs neces-
sary to establish a new meas- urement capability for data metrology and standards
• identify opportunities for data management and inter-oper- ability, and standards to enable suitable regulatory structure(s) for the use of data to emerge
• launch a new Programme in Metrology for Data and Standards.
In this and its other areas of operation it identifies how it will assess performance. It will eval- uate the new data programme, including number of publica- tions/citations, external awards and positions and the use of the knowledge and facilities.
NMS investment will provide a pool of knowledge and facilities that will be relevant on broader joint research endeavours and lever additional income through collaborative projects.
In its objective to ensure good policy, standards and regulation, it will assess performance by evaluating:
• committee representation - quality (representational posi- tion) and relevance – and our contribution to published stan- dards and regulations
• the number of invitations to represent UK measurement on government reviews, work- shops and similar events
• resolution of disputes support- ing legal cases
• income from measurement services.
Photo courtesy Blum-Novotest - the GTMA supplier is a developer of leading edge measuring components.
In getting better connected to its end-users to deliver impact, it will assess performance by:
• joint activities with partners and knowledge exchange achieved
• the increased breadth and depth of users making use of knowledge and facilities
• new product and services developed and launched that address changing user needs.
In improving the UK’s measure- ment skills, it will assess per- formance by:
• the improvement in measure- ment skills in the workforce through a range of training programmes and levels (apprentices, postgraduates, Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
• the number of courses deliv-
ered and students trained
In providing confidence in
the intelligent and effective use of data, it will assess perform- ance by:
• the new data programme, including number of publica- tions/citations, external awards and positions
• the use of the knowledge and facilities - NMS investment will provide a pool of knowledge and facilities that will be rele- vant on broader joint research endeavours and lever addition- al income through collabora- tive projects.
https://assets.publishing.serv ds/system/uploads/attach- ment_data/file/712629/uk- measurement-strategy-deliv- ery-plan-2017-2020.pdf

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