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  Element Six is a synthetic dia- mond supermaterials company and a member of the De Beers Group of Companies, its majority shareholder.
For over 50 years, the core busi- ness has been the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond supermaterials, a term which includes manufactured synthetic diamond and other supermateri- als such as cubic boron nitride (CBN), tungsten carbide and sili- con cemented diamond.
Element Six is made up of two businesses: Technologies and Abrasives.
Abrasives includes the Oil & Gas, Advanced Materials and Hard Materials Divisions. It pro- duces supermaterials used in cutting, grinding, drilling, shear- ing and polishing. Abrasives uses high pressure, high temper-
ature (HPHT) synthesis to manu- facture synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN), and high temperature sintering to pro- duce tungsten carbide products.
Sectors benefiting include auto- motive, aerospace and oil & gas.
The Technologies business is manufacturing very pure syn- thetic diamond using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) tech- niques. This is opening up potential applications in indus- tries including optics, power transmission and sensors.
EJ TechDev offers fast turn- around services in optical development and prototyping, precision mechanical develop- ment and prototyping.
It also specialises in mould tool- ing component manufacture and consultancy in optical and com- plex surface design, particularly involving the emergent field of freeform optics. Its expertise has been honed during the design, development and manufacture of award-winning innovative injection moulded ophthalmic products. Areas of expertise include:
• Precision mechanical development and prototyp- ing of small to medium size complex components in most common materials with critical tolerances <10μm;
• Optical development work and fabrication;
• Optical tooling including pro- duction of precision machined optical injection mould tooling cavity inserts to customer designs;
• Precision complex surface design and machining – its complex optical surface expertise is applicable to non- optical fields where intricate, complex or freeform surfaces may be encountered.
Application areas include lighting systems for automotive, oph- thalmic products and aerospace. ej-techdev-optical- development
Bruker provides one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of advanced instrumen- tation for science and industry available under one brand — a brand synonymous with excellence, innovation and quality.
Bruker high performance scien- tific instruments and solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of research and development,
and ensure quality and reliability in all industrial production processes.
The UK purpose-built facilities in Coventry have been fully refur- bished to reflect its new status as a Bruker Centre of Excellence. The new fully inte- grated laboratories and demon- stration facilities now provide seamless access to all Bruker technologies.
These include:
• Magnetic Resonance (NMR,
• X-ray (XRF, XRD, Elemental
• Vibrational Spectroscopy
(Infrared, Raman) • Life Science Mass
Spectrometry (Mass Spec,
• CBRNE (Detection)
• Bruker Nano Surfaces (AFM,
Surface Profilers, Tribology, Mechanical Testing)
Bruker continues to build on its extensive range of products and solutions. As one of the world's leading analytical instrumenta- tion companies, Bruker is strongly committed to fully meet its customers’ needs and to continue to develop state-of- the-art technologies and innova- tive solutions.
Quantum Manufacturing is a specialist in the design, manu- facture and integration of pre- cision production and assem- bly tooling, transportation and test equipment, press tooling and special purpose machinery for all composite parts.
It is an integral supplier to many Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies across sectors including auto- motive, aerospace, defence, nuclear, medical and rail.
Founded in 1993, it offers "Precision - Quality – Reliability" in areas including the design and manufacture of many types of tooling and all associated fixtures needed for checking, bonding, welding, trimming
and assembling the parts
produced from its tools.
Its specialist tooling solutions team has more than 25 years experience and has a global rep- utation for quality and delivery.
Its modern Warwick manufactur- ing facilities, coupled with its detailed system approach and highly skilled team, provide 1st class products and services to all its customers – an enviable reputation built over many years through providing on-time, cost effective and reliable products.

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