Embracing robotic technology: the UK’s first automated high resolution 3D scanning service facility

An exciting new facility offers companies access to the highest-quality 3D scanning, advanced manufacturing and inspection services available in the UK.

Physical Digital Limited is delighted to announce the UK’s first automated GOM high resolution 3D measurement cell service facility. Opening in the heart of British manufacturing in the Midlands, the innovative facility offers fully automated inspection for multi part and high-volume projects.

The GOM ATOS 5120 ScanBox facility offered by Physical Digital is capable of accurately measuring the full surface geometry of freeform and organic objects.

ATOS scanbox

Components ranging in size from 10mm to 2 metres are automatically scanned using the robotic measurement system more quickly than by manual methods and to resolutions up to 30µm. This represents the highest accuracy, resolution and speed of measurement available to clients in the UK.

Growing demand for high accuracy automated inspection

Over the past few years, Physical Digital, the UK’s primary service provider of GOM’s globally-respected non-contact industrial measurement systems, has identified a growing demand for high accuracy automated




inspection. Companies ask specifically for a ‘GOM measurement’ as part of their project requirements, driven by the large OEM’s which have fully adopted this technology internally.


Tim Rapley, Physical Digital’s Managing Director, explains why he has established the ScanBox:

“3D scanning has aided every design and manufacturing industry and helped the most forward thinking companies develop and grow through the use of accurate measurement. The ScanBox service offers the highest resolution measurement available for UK clients to use on a contract basis. This will open up new opportunities for smaller companies to bid for larger manufacturing contracts without having to invest in expensive measurement equipment themselves”


The automated measurement facility offers a range of benefits to both large and small companies:

  • Larger samples of parts can be measured due to time and cost savings for complex parts such as turbine blades, disks and blisks;
  • Accurate measurement of components up to 2 metres;
  • Automatic calibration ensuring high process stability, leading to downstream reduction in costly corrective measures and product recalls;
  • Precise monitoring of environmental factors;
  • Repeatable measurement process;
  • Elimination of human errors;
  • Accurate, reliable and traceable data;
  • Easy to read visual reports.                 Easy to read reports are provided in a visual format                       




Alongside the innovative automated 3D scanning facility, Physical Digital’s experienced team of dedicated CAD engineers offer full reverse engineering capabilities, to provide a cost and time effective route to high quality CAD data in the form of 3D models and 2D drawings.

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