Hieta Technologies

HiETA Technologies Ltd specialise in thermal management and light-weighting, exploiting additive manufacturing (AM) as a production and customisation process.

The very high levels of 3D design freedom offered by Additive Manufacturing offers real benefits to our clients and partners including reduced lead-time and increased performance. It allows us to develop more compact and efficient product solutions than conventional manufacturing techniques.

Our expert implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a process is focused on 2 main areas: thermal management and light-weighting.

  • Thermal management: We are able to design and manufacture devices that not only outperform the competition made via conventional means (at least 6% greater effectiveness or 20% less volume) but can be tightly packaged. We can do this using a range of materials including AlSi10Mg, Inconel 625 & 718 and CM247LC.
  • Light-weighting: Topology optimisation and intelligent use of lattice structures reduces weight and can add multi-functionality across a range of products with the associated cost and performance benefits.


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