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Titles available from Rapra


Mould Design Guide     –                                                    Hardback £150          Softback £125

Polymer Reference Book –                                                Hardback £165          Softback £110

Practical Guide to Blow Moulding –                                Softback £50

Practical Guide to Rotational Moulding –                      Softback £55

Troubleshooting Injection Moulding –                           Softback £85

Hot Runners in Injection Moulding –                              Hardback £125

In-Mould Decoration of Plastics –                                   Softback £80

Rubber Injection Moulding:  A Practical Guide            Softback £80


Available from Orgalime


European Competition Law in Practise

Co-operation Agreements:  A short guide to the creation of the Joint Venture

Model Form of Exclusive Agreement with Distributors Abroad

Model for an International Technology Licencing Agreement

Models for a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Model Form of Original Equipment Manufacturing Contract (OEM Contract)

Turnkey Contract for Industrial Works

Guide for Drawing up an International Development Contract

Model Form of Consortium Agreement

Guide to Defence Liability in Europe

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