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Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping is used to describe a collection of techniques to create a scale model of a physical part from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program. Rapid Prototyping is used to produce complicated 3D shapes which are used to aid evaluation of a design. Rapid Prototyping tends to be employed as a one-off to create a scale model rather than used in large-scale production.

Rapid Prototyping services can be found in many forms within GTMA’s Supplier Directory. The Supplier Directory provides companies offering 3D services related to rapid prototyping such as CAD Modelling, Imagining, Printers and Materials, and Printing which can be of great use to a business wishing to develop a scale model of their design.

To find more about the companies’ services that are available from GTMA’s Supplier Directory, please click through the following Rapid Prototyping Services to the businesses that provide these services:

Product Development is a main contributor for the use of Rapid Prototyping as the value derived from evaluating a scale model of a product is hugely beneficial to the product development process. As the Design and Analysis aspects of product development are crucial stages in the creation of successful products.

Other varieties of Rapid Prototyping are available from GTMA’s Supplier Directory such as Reverse Engineering, which is the technique of taking a scale model of a product and reproducing the product following detailed investigation and examination into the products construction or composition.

Processes such as vacuum casting can be found within our Supplier Directory. Vacuum casting (or molding) is ideal for prototype work due to the plastic qualities of the pattern which makes it simpler to modify. However, as is a general feature of Rapid Prototyping – vacuum casting is an expensive process and therefore is mainly utilised for the creation of a prototype.

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