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Alimex use cutting edge technology to deliver world class products and CNC machining sub contract services. A family-owned business, customer experience is paramount with Alimex, and they deliver high value and quality.


World Class Product Quality. Excellence in Delivery Performance. Outstanding Customer Service


At alimex customer experience is paramount, offering high value and quality. Using cutting edge technology enables us to deliver world class aluminium cast plate, blocks and large 5 axis CNC precision machining. In addition we’re proud to be ISO9001 accredited.

What We Do?
Cuts and Plates
As one of the UK’s largest stockists of aluminium cast plates and blocks, including standard and non-standard sizes and thicknesses (both metric and imperial sizes), we are able to offer fast, efficient cutting & delivery services.
Production capacity of aluminium plates with sawn or machined surfaces;
Lengths up to 6000 mm
Widths up to 2800 mm
Thicknesses from 5 mm to 1060mm

CNC Machining
We have a comprehensive range of 2, 3 and 5 Axis CNC milling machines to accommodate large aluminium components up to 4500 x 3000 x 1000mm. Our CNC turning capacity include semi-automated and manual machines with a maximum turning diameter of 1400mm x 800mm.
All components are inspected within a temperature controlled room and verified with our CMM machines which can effectively manage components up to 4000 x 2000 x 1500mm.

As a global provider we offer fully certified cut cast aluminium plate ( to 25 tons) and aluminium CNC machined components. Largest Milling size is 4500mm x 3000mm.


Products and Services

Large Aluminium CNC Machining, Max 4500mm x 3000mm, Min 1600mm x 800mm

Rotating Table Lathe, Max Ø 1400mm x 1000mmalimex-chamber-300x225

Large CMM Services, 2000mm x 4000mm

ACP 5080 P – Precision machined surfaces both sides

ACP 5080 R – Saw cut plates

ACP 5080 – GIANT – extreme size capabilities in machined or sawn

ACP 5080 – MF – Mirror surface finish max. Ra 0.15um 1 side

ACP 5080 S/RS – special solution material for Semi-Con, Solar, Display panels etc.

ACP 5052 –  Exceptional visual and aesthetics

ACP 5754 – Special applications also with coated surface finishes

ACP 6000 – High dimensional stability in extreme machining circumstances

PLANAL – 5083, 6061, 7075 – Rolled plates with machined surfaces

New 7000 AL cast alloy coming soon in 2016 – High Strength/High hardness HB 140+



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