GTMA Injection Mould Design Course, November 2016



Date of Course:  7th-11th November 2016

Level: UK NVQ 3 – Irish FETAC 5

Presenter: Peter Cracknell

Location: GTMA, Manufacturing Resource Centre, Alcester, Warwickshire

Cost: GTMA Members £450 per day per delegate and non GTMA members £550 per day per delegate + vat


Day 1

  • The injection Moulding Machine and its Influence on Mould design
  • The 2-Plate Mould
  • Exercise: design and layout of a 2-plate mould
  • Polymer melt flow, inc, melt flow profile, shear effect, shear rate, pressure drops, etc.
  • Gating & Feeding, inc, cold runner design, gating techniques
  • Cooling, inc, cooling media, cooling requirement, cooling techniques

Day 2

  • Ejection, techniques, systems and designs
  • Estimation of ejection force
  • 3-plate Mould design and construction
  • Stack mould designs and use applications
  • Undercut mould design, inc, explanation of under-cuts, core pulling techniques
  • Exercise: design and layout of a 3-plate mould

Day 3

  • Prototype moulds and techniques
  • Mould construction materials, steels and alloy materials
  • Exercise: Calculation of mould plate deflection and plate sizing
  • Runnerless Moulds, inc, externally heated, internally heated & insulated tool designs
  • Exercise: Design and layout of a runnerless mould

Day 4

  • Standard mould parts
  • Plastic product design for injection moulding
  • Injection moulded product fault appraisal and analysis, inc, mould design faults, part design faults and plastic materials faults.
  • Exercise: Fault appraisal


Day 5

  • Tutorial covering the course Assignment
  • 1.5 hour Examination

Places will be limited and will be on a first come first served basis. For Further information about the course and to book a place then please contact GTMA on 0121 392 8994 or mail