WDS offers users access to the UK’s widest range of hinges

As one of the many unsung heroes of product design, hinges are critical performance components. Key not only to the reliable opening, closing and retaining of doors, windows, hatches and panels, they also help define the look and feel of the product. To help engineers find the right hinge for their applications, WDS has launched a new range featuring multiple styles, materials and sizes.

WDS Hinges

With its huge range of hinges, WDS can meet the performance needs of any project, including those in arduous environments. The WDS hinges range is divided into eight product groups, including butt hinges, surface mounted hinges, concealed hinges, lift off hinges, exposed hinges, torque hinges and spring release hinges. Not only do these allow virtually all functional or aesthetic requirements to be met, but the choice of a wide variety of materials also means performance and environmental needs can be addressed. WDS hinges are available in polyamide, die cast zinc, aluminium, steel and stainless steel – with a variety of finishes.

Butt hinges are available in standard versions and lift off versions, with the latter typically morticed into a door frame for a flush finish. Surface mounted hinge types include countersunk hinges, male thread hinges, locking lever hinges and many more. Concealed hinges are ideal for applications where the hinge needs to be hidden from sight, either for cosmetic reasons or to provide tamper proofing. Variations include quick pin release hinges and weldable hinges which can be fixed permanently in place.

Lift off hinges are designed to be fastened or welded into place to provide a semi permanent fixture, while torque hinges are intended to support heavy loads or to provide stable positioning in applications where doors need to be stable when part- or fully-opened. Locking hinges include a clamping handle which allows the door to be secured in an open position without the danger of it inadvertently swinging shut.

Exposed hinges differ from traditional hinges in that the butt of the hinge is visible from the outside, which can have functional advantages in some applications. They are also often selected for cosmetic reasons. Spring release hinges meet the needs of applications where a quick release mechanism is required. Typically they are used to allow the whole door or other panel to be removed quickly and easily, but replaced again just as simply without the need for tools.

The ex stock availability of many different hinge types and materials means that, WDS can meet the needs of a wide range of applications including doors, windows, access covers, and gates, in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. Notably 316 Grade stainless steel hinges can be used in marine, food, pharmaceutical and other extreme environments or where chemical and/or high pressure washdown is a common requirement.


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