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Rapitypes Ltd

Rapitypes is an advanced manufacturing support company providing clients with services from development models and prototypes, through tool making and rapid prototyping to low volume manufacturing.

The Company has inhouse moulding facilities and can provide small to medium batch sizes for sampling, fit and function, development, clinical trials and rapid part development in addition to its batch production capability.

The Rapitypes in-house tool manufacturing facility produces moulds ranging from small development volume tools with hand loaded cores and inserts, through to small and medium volume production aluminium and steel tooling.

Rapitypes can build large tools for RIM parts such as moulded automotive bumpers, and equipment housings, or enclosures for scientific equipment for example.

The company is supported in-house by industrial design, engineering and automotive design styling studios, working across a spectrum of industry sectors including medical, scientific, automotive, capital and consumer goods.

The design facility also boasts comprehensive metrology facilities including CMM machines and plates in each of two automotive styling studios and comprehensive tool room inspection facilities

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Rapitypes is an ISO9001:2000 company.

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