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Category Turnover Annual Fee (ex VAT)
1 Up to £249,999 £602
2 £250,000 – £499,999 £807
3 £500,000 – £999,999 £1088
4 £1,000,000 – £1,999,999 £1373
5 £2,000,000 – £3,499,999 £1619
6 £3,500,000 – £4,999,999 £1999
7 £5,000,000 – £10,000,000 £2502
8 £10,000,000 and over £3300
Ass 1 Up to £1,000,000 £670
Ass 2 Over £1,000,000 £1320

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Conditions of GTMA Memberships

If elected to membership of the GTMA, we hereby undertake fully to observe and perform all the terms and conditions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association or any proper amendment thereof or addition thereto and to abide by any rules and regulations which may from time to time be laid down by the Board of Directors in consideration of being admitted to membership of the Association.

Annual subscription runs from January 1st – 31st December. Subscription rates for applicants joining mid-term will be calculated on a pro-rata basis

A member may resign on giving at least one year’s notice in writing at any time and on paying with such notice any subscription due. In the event of an increased subscription being authorised in accordance with the Articles a member affected thereby may within fourteen days from the date of notification give notice in writing to resign expiring twelve months from the date of such notice and such notice if accompanied by payment of twelve months of the annual subscription at the old rate shall be effective.

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