Mazak launches latest generation MULTIPLEX machine

Yamazaki Mazak has launched the latest version of its ‘workhorse’ MULTIPLEX machines, specifically designed for high volume applications.

The ‘W-200Series’ is the latest in the MULTIPLEX series that were first launched nearly thirty years ago. The new MULTIPLEX W-200Y + GL-100 offers a step-change in performance, due to the combination of two spindles, two turrets and a super-fast gantry loader for maximum productivity.

The two spindles enable continuous simultaneous machining with automatic workpiece transfer from one spindle to the other – due to the ability of each headstock to move towards the centre of the machine in the Z-axis.

yamazaki mazak multiplex

The use of twin spindles enables the MULTIPLEX to reduce production lead time, operators, programming and in-process materials – all making the manufacturing process significantly more cost-effective and competitive.

In addition to the twin-spindles, the MULTIPLEX W-200Y is equipped with Smooth Mill Drive turrets with integrated 5,000 rpm motors, which deliver improved milling and tapping performance, along with reduced chip-to-chip times.

Most importantly, the machine is equipped with an optional gantry loader that is capable of delivering a 20 per cent reduction in load/unload time, with rapid movement in the A/B axis of 100/180 m/min for significantly reduced cycle times.

The MUILTIPLEX W-200 series is also equipped with an innovative wedge bed-design that offers high rigidity and improved chip and coolant flow. Ergonomics play a significant role in the MULTIPLEX W-200 series design, with a large window, a new operator control panel that can be moved vertically and horizontally for optimum operator comfort, along with a small distance from the front cover to the spindle centre line for convenient set-up. In addition, the gantry loader has improved access for loading and unloading.

The MULTIPLEX W-200 series is equipped with a bespoke compact SmoothG control panel, which offers reduced cycle time and improved accuracy. Touchscreen operations, similar to a smartphone or tablet are allied to easy conversational programming for multiple surface machining, along with a range of fine-tuning functions that ensure easy configuration of machine parameters for different workpiece materials and application requirements.

SmoothG CNC also comes equipped with a number of intelligent machining functions, including Intelligent Thermal Shield, Variable Acceleration Control, Smooth Corner Control and Intelligent Maintenance Support.