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Exploring our partners and why we choose them

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Optimax Imaging and Inspection specializes in providing high quality measurement and inspection products. As a trusted supplier in the UK, we carefully select partners renowned for their exceptional quality and proven reliability. This ensures that our products work effectively for years to come and can be supported and maintained seamlessly.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Starrett Metrology Solutions.

Starrett is a global leader in optical comparators, digital comparators, vision inspection systems, video inspection systems, and force measurement. These solutions are designed to be robust measurement and inspection tools for use in manufacturing and R&D environments.

Starrett Metrology products offer highly precise measurements, instilling confidence in users. From concept to creation, their systems infuse precision into every stage of manufacturing, offering simple, innovative metrology solutions that enhance the production line’s efficiency.

The Starrett range is well-established in the manufacturing sector, offering robust and proven solutions with a strong heritage. All Starrett products are fully supported by the service and support team at Optimax.

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