Reverse Engineering The Perfect Proposal

Our engineers’ dedication to their jobs is surpassed only by their devotion to their loved ones..

One of the applications engineers at Physical Digital has managed to reverse engineer the perfect proposal.RING

Using the GOM ATOS Triple scan, a high resolution scan of the lucky lady’s grandmother’s ring was captured and the size of the diamonds analysed from the scan data.  Using these dimensions and Spaceclaim Engineer software a new engagement ring was designed.

Marriage of old jewellery and new technology

The design was 3D printed and subsequently cast in platinum. The new ring was then sent to a local jeweller to be polished and have the stones set. The result is an unique combination of the engineer’s personal design and his fiancee’s family diamonds, brought together by the latest technology.

We can’t help with the matchmaking, but we can provide reverse engineering of the highest quality for your most important projects… Contact our expert team on 01483 750200 or email to discuss your unique requirements.