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Sector focus in GTMA

GTMA made a strategic decision five years ago to become a sector-focused organisation with buyer needs at the top of its agenda.

Since then we have set up a series of Sector Networks with close links to OEMs and Tier 1s. This has helped us to identify specific and detailed supply chain needs.

Crucially, and with the help of leading companies in the Sectors, we have put in place development programmes to ensure our member companies are ‘Supply Chain Efficient and Process Competent.’

As our members reach this level we are able to recommended them to buyers who increasingly are approaching us for help in putting together their Supply Chains.

Sectors now covered by this initiative include:

More are being developed and added on a regular basis.

The GTMA Network structure recognises that all sectors share common objectives (Quality, Cost and Delivery to name the more obvious) but that some sectors have specific additional needs. Our understanding of these differences helps our members meet those needs, and in turn enables us to be a time-saving resource for buyers.

+ + + If you would like to join one or more of our Sector Networks, and to be part of their Engineering Supply Chains, please contact GTMA on +44 (0) 121 392 8994 or email:

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