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A dynamic portfolio of measurement capabilities – with firm actions to support them – is at the heart of the UK's National Measurement Strategy Delivery Plan released by the Government in June.
The NMS Delivery Plan comes 15 months after the Government's Measurement Strategy 2017-2020 which fol- lowed “significant consultation” with over 1,000 stakehold- ers from OEMs like Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls-Royce to the science base, Innovate UK, the High Value Manufacturing Centre, regulators and government partners.
All the major sectors were spoken to as well as individual companies including GTMA suppliers such as Carl Zeiss and Renishaw who were thanked for their input by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which published both documents. GTMA was also thanked.
The result is a Delivery Plan which sets out to support the UK's Industrial Strategy by helping to develop new skills and services for businesses developing new technologies and taking part in its Grand Challenges such as Clean Growth and Artificial Intelligence...
 The over-riding focus in the UK’s NMS Delivery Plan 2017-2020 is end-user needs and a commitment to ensure ever- increasing access to measurement knowl- edge, products and services.
It says the BEIS invests £65 million annually into the NMS which funds research in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences and health, energy, environment and digital sectors.
The Delivery Plan puts in place a programme of work up to the end of 2020 that will see NMS deliver outcomes that the UK can exploit “to improve both the economy and quality of life for our citizens.”
The NMS vision is to do this in five key areas by:
• Investment in a world-leading measure- ment infrastructure
• Becoming champions for measurement across government to ensure good policy, standards and regulations
• Working smarter to provide greater con- nection with end-users to deliver impact
• Improving UK measurement skills “across all sectors” to accelerate new technology uptake and fully exploit the benefits of a high-tech economy
• Providing confidence in the intelligent and effective use of data.
Measurement, says the 20-page Delivery Plan, is vital to support the UK Industrial Strategy which sets out how we are building a Britain fit for the future.
The NMS will directly support each of the Industrial Stategy's five foundations of ideas, people, infrastructure, business environment and places, which drive the need for new or innovative measurement techniques and standards. “This document sets out how we will ensure we achieve this,” says the Delivery Plan.
Investing in measurement infrastructure
“Our purpose is to manage a dynamic port- folio of measurement capabilities” says the plan. These will ensure the UK sustains an internationally-leading measurement infra- structure and science base.
Verisurf Software from GTMA supplier Metrology UK was selected as the metrology software of choice by Morgan for its traditional Morgan 4/4, the longest running production vehicle in the world. Case study: Page 21
Between 2017-2020 NMS will:
• invest in the best capabilities by delivering new world-leading measurement centres over the next five years (with relevant part- ners) to meet emerging needs, such as quantum technology, nucleic acid metrolo- gy, multiphase flow research and medical physics
• develop new calibration and test facilities in areas beyond current capabilities in advance of user needs, such as DNA measurement and fuel cell diagnostics
• invest in the NMS’ science capital so sci- entists and engineers can develop into experts through peer networking and
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