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  Themes Activities Outputs Outcomes Impact
Investing in a world- leading measurement structure (Research)
• Measurement research
• New measurement knowledge
• Adoption of measurement knowledge
• Increased R&D capital
Ensuring good policy, standards, and regulation (Trade and Regulation)
• Maintenance of standards
• Comparisons
• Input to documentary
• Standards
• Measurement services • Reference materials
• Increased confidence in measurement data
• Efficient delivery of public services
• Enforcement of regulation
• Fair trade
• Better quality of life
Getting better connected to our end users to deliver impact (Innovation)
• Collaboration with end users
• Knowledge exchange
• Adoption of new measurement techniques
• Customer innovation
• Increased sales • Better processes
• Increased competitiveness • New markets
• More exports
Improving the UK's measurement skills (Skills)
• Number of training courses delivered
• Number of PhDs Outreach events
• Increased pool of measurement skills
• Users’ measurement costs reduced
• Reduced skills shortage
• Higher productivity • Higher wages
          schemes and communities.
Providing confidence in the use of data
The world is getting ever more interconnect- ed, with networks of sensors and other instruments making more measurements and making them more frequently than ever before.
The digital revolution has brought with it the ability to generate, combine and manipulate huge quantities of data, but more data does not necessarily increase their value.
Providing confidence in the intelligent and effective use of data is a key challenge and will require close working with the many con- stituents of the community including The Alan Turing Institute, Hartree Centre, acade- mia, industry, other National Measurement Institutes and across government.
Between 2017 and 2020 the NMS will:
• lead and publish a review to identify and understand the measurement needs nec- essary for a new measurement capability
Photo courtesy Tinius Olsen – the GTMA supplier is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of testing and measurement equipment for almost all industry sectors.
for data metrology and standards
• identify opportunities for data management and inter-operability, and standards to enable suitable regulatory structure(s) for the use of data to emerge
• launch a new Programme in Metrology for Data and Standards.
Improving the UK’s measurement skills
As processes become more automated, investment in leading-edge equipment is vital, and this is the same with measuring equipment used across a huge range of applications such as medical applications, manufacturing, enforcement control and sci- entific discovery.
However, the appropriate practical measure- ment skills and a thorough understanding of
basic measurement concepts are being lost as the workforce becomes more reliant on automated systems.
Large and small companies and organisa- tions are realising that the lack of measure- ment skills is an issue for their workforce.
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Delivering the excellence...
The NMS delivery plan will be delivered by six key specialist measurement labo- ratories who on behalf of government maintain the UK's world-leading capabil- ity. The six are:
National Phyiscal Laboratory (NPL) – the UK’s National Measurement Institute (a supplier member of the GTMA).
LGC (formerly Laboratory of the Government Chemist) – designatted for chemical and biometrology.
National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) – fluid flow metrology.
BEIS – Regulatory Delivery (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) - legal metrology. National Gear Metrology Laboratory – gears metrology.
National Institute for Biological Standards and Control – bioactivity metrology.
The measurement laboratories work in partnership across the scientific spec- trum with leading researchers and facili- ties supported by the Research Councils, other government depart- ments, and applied science and engi- neering capabilities in public sector research establishments and Innovate UK’s Catapults.

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