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The skills challenge lies across the spectrum of education from apprentice programmes to PhD level and beyond into lifelong learning.
NMS will ensure that good measurement skills support the UK workforce in adapting to and benefiting from technical change. This will contribute to improved productivity, better quality jobs and higher earning poten- tial, as prioritised in the UK’s Industrial Strategy.
It will also play an important part in the cre- ation and adoption of new instrumentation, technologies and processes by UK busi- nesses. A focus on the application of legal metrology will also support businesses to trade successfully.
Between 2017 and 2020 the NMS will:
• maintain and develop the NMS leadership position in measurement skills through working with end users to establish a national training programme to increase the adoption of measurement skills training
for students and continued professional development of the UK workforce. This will build on existing metrology-based training provision, either directly or by embedding training modules/products in other special- ist schemes, for maximum reach and ben- efit both nationally and through inward investment opportunities
• develop programmes to ensure the trans- fer of skills such as strategic secondments between other research communities, industries and national measurement labo- ratories to aid knowledge sharing, and fel- lowships to promote and aid partnerships working
• maintain and develop the effective and effi- cient delivery of user driven training pro- grammes.
The work programmes for the NMS will be subject to a continuous cycle of review and scrutiny. Each of the delivery partners (see previous page) will undertake a formulation excertise every three years with annual reviews and quarterly reporting.
Each of the sectors will also have a Programme Expert Group (PEG) with mem- bers from industry, academia, public organi- sations and government including interna- tional representatives, who will serve two year terms. They support BEIS in acting as intelligent customers to procure the NMS programmes.
They will regularly review progress through quarterly reports, performance indicators and the NMS Annual Review.
Measurement Strategy link: ational-measurement-strategy
Delivery Plan link: overnment/uploads/system/uploads/attac hment_data/file/712629/uk-measurement- strategy-delivery-plan-2017-2020.pdf
 The approach to delivering the Strategy Delivery Plan
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