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GTMA measurement specialist Bowers Group has helped precision engineering company Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd succeed in its aim for zero customer rejects.
Bernard Holmes specialises in both CNC and conventional machining in a wide range of materials, with customers from a variety of sectors.
Many of the precision components it meas- ures require bore measurement, and the company possessed a wide variety of meas- urement methods.
Production Director Russell Thackray recalls: “We decided to start replacing some of our heavily used bore mics, bought over 15 years ago with new ones.
“It’s not until I had a walk around that I realised how many we have and how often
they get used. They are the best bore mics out. And what a great investment! They’ve paid for themselves!”
The company has a long reputation of machin- ing complex components with great accuracy. It has a team of extremely skilled precision engineers who ensure all components are
made exactly to the customers’ requirements. The inspection team ensure components are checked before they leave the factory as the company aims for zero customer rejects.
When a new employee recommended Bowers Group micrometers, Bernard Holmes Precision took the advice and ordered several, including the XT Standard Analogue Bore Gauges and XT Digital Bore Gauges.
Staff are so pleased with the micrometers that Bowers Group has truly lived up to its well-known reputation as the world's leading bore gauge manufacturer.
The bore gauges are now used all over the factory for convenient shop floor measure- ment, as well as keeping one set safely in the inspection department.
Innovative Measurement Technology Ltd (IMT Ltd) is a family business well known as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high accuracy and high- quality metrology products globally for a range of applications.
Individually it has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of these types of products, and it enjoys the confi- dence of many companies within the metrol- ogy industry with its reputation as a reliable supplier for precision engineered measure- ment products.
Among these are:
High Precision gauging transducers:
From analogue to digital, standard or plug- gable and even miniature. It also supplies a wide range of electronics and accessories to complement transducers.
High Quality Bore Gauges: Wired to wire- less solutions with numerous head options
including bespoke for many applications. Bore heads are available as standard 2-point measuring or 3-point measuring for more accurate cylindricity measurements.
Linear Ball Bearings: Including the various ball cages and components to include the shaft, ball cage and housing which are indi- vidually matched and honed into sets to ensure no sticking or slipping which increas- es the lifetime.
High Precision Encoders: Its range of encoders includes rotary, linear, angle as well as various accessories to meet cus- tomer needs. There is also a range of direct Heidenhain alternatives.
Precision Hand Tools: Including Vernier
Callipers, Protractors, Height Gauges, Thread Gauges, Ring Gauges, Plug Gauges and Go No Go.
The GTMA supplier is also the UK distributor for IBR Messtechnik GmbH & Co.KG and offers the full range of products and support from simple to complex applications, from rom column gauges to touch screen meas- uring computers, as well as the highly pow- erful and configurable ComGage software.
The company is happy to discuss any requirements you may have and can be contacted at, on 01243 942010 or visit its website.

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