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 New systems for quick and safe changing of heavy tools have been introduced by the Roemheld Group.
Included are different configurations of transport cart for ergonomically manoeu- vring large loads such as moulds and dies, as well as carrying consoles that facilitate insertion into a press.
Dies weighing either up to 500 kg or 1,000 kg can be manoeuvred with the manually operated RW series carts, while the electri- cally-driven RWA cart can carry a maximum load of 1,600 kg. All versions feature exten- sive safety equipment including an automat- ic docking station with slip protection.
An optional auxiliary drive is available for the manual carts, allowing a travel speed of 2 km/h. Speed of the RWA cart can be step- lessly adjusted up to a maximum of 5 km/h.
Powerful and durable batteries supply the power.
Heavy dies that have been transported by crane or forklift truck can be manoeuvred quickly onto a press table using Roemheld carrying consoles. The dies are placed onto the consoles and from there inserted via inte- grated transport bars. Versions with or with- out drive are available, depending on die weight.
Attachable carrying consoles that can be
Easy transportation of heavy dies is achieved with the Roemheld RW changing cart.
suspended from hooks are available for loads up to 250 kN, allowing versatility of use and easy retrofitting. Swivelling consoles for loads up to 60 kN are recommended if space is restricted in front of the press.
They are fixed securely onto the press table and can be folded flat against it when not in use. Versions with additional electric drive and support feet are available for die weights up to 32 tonnes.
Cytec Systems is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic cylin- ders to the mould and die industry. Its range of products now covers both the Cytec range and the AHP Merkle range of stan- dard hydraulic cylinders.
The company began trading in the UK and Ireland in 1997 and in 2016 became the distributors for Ermanno Balzi S.r.l. which manu- factures components and accessories for mould tools.
It boasts a consolidated experience in the construction of moulds for plastic materials and designs new solutions for these types of com- ponents. Its aims fit well with CyTec Systems and AHP Merkle.
The Cytec Range. As well as locking cylinders Cytec produce a range of clamping and coupling devices which have found many applications for system automation, whether in the plastic moulding industry or car production plants. Cytec also works closely with the machine tool industry with the patented range of 2 Axis Direct Drive Milling Heads (CyMill), Motor Spindles (CySpeed) and Direct Drive Rotary Tables (CyTurn).
The AHP Merkle Range. The company specialises in the produc- tion of hydraulic block cylinders and standard cylinders. There is a large range of different models with a variety of switching options. They are ideal for incorporating into mould tools as well as special pur- pose machines. In addition, AHP Merkle’s range of block cylinders gives the tool designer the ability to modify the stroke to suit the design.

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