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Quickgrind’s constantly evolving range of high performance Solid Carbide cutting tools are achieving renewed notoriety with their Infinite Possibilities brochure.
The company has always strived to give customers exactly what they want in the way of bespoke custom-made tools rather than relying on a thick catalogue with a bewilder- ing array of standard dimensioned tools.
It says: “Why be a slave to standard tooling – don’t compromise customise”.
Getting the right tool for the job means increased productivity, improved efficiency and better value.
All Quickgrind's tool ranges are available in standard dimensions or with modifications such as changes to radius, flute or overall length and even neck relieved to suit your applications, all
at a very similar price to standard tools.
It’s easy to accept mediocre performance from standard tools if you think the cost of a custom tool exceeds your budget. But remember, the application and not the price should determine your choice.
Why not tell Quickgrind about your next proj- ect and discover what its infinite possibilities promise for yourself? You might find that ‘going custom’ is the best value.
Amongst the company's headlining tools is the Eliminator Barrel tool which can deliver as much as 90% cycle time reduction and is available in Conical, Oval and Lens forms. The Mirage End mills, available with chip breakers, and its High Feed Spectre and Phantom are all suitable for a wide range of materials. Lollipop tools made to order on a short deliver are becoming ever popular for 5 axis applications.
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