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      Stainless Steels and Titanium are both prone to galling and seizing. WS2 is a very low friction dry lubricant surface treatment, developed by NASA for use in deep space, and has been shown to provide a very cost effective solution preventing both problems on threads and other sliding surfaces. WS2 works well from -273° to 450° C and down to 10-14 Torr. WS2 has also been applied to bearings and gears to extend life.
   High Gain Technology High Speed Machining for Robots and Machine Tools
  Finish machining hard steel at 20,000 rpm with Peron Speed spindle
7 axis robotic machining cell with
20000 rpm spindle
  De burring with Peron Speed spindle at 22000 rpm
Near Dry machining with ILC minimal coolant technology
For all your high speed machining needs
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