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The rise of composite materials continues across an ever-increasing number of applications and the composites engineering zone has already established itself as one of the world’s most important com- posite raw material, design, processing and applications events. With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, the Composites Engineering Show will feature suppliers in areas including raw materials, processing technology equipment, tooling & ancillaries, composites machining and joining, composite assembly & automation technology.
Connected Manufacturing will catalyse the business and technolo- gy opportunities that exist between innovators, customers and suppliers - including those within the Internet of Things, big data, automation and more. Areas to be covered include 3D printing, analytics, automation, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, laser systems, motion control, predictive maintenance, cyber security, human-machine interfaces, logistics, energy efficiency, sensors and robotics.
The UK Contract Manufacturing Zone is an area being introduced for the first time this year for the UK's small engineering firms and sub-contractors. Organisers Easyfairs is “excited to be supporting these UK contractors by introducing this dedicated area on its show floor. The UK sub-contractor is facing growing competition from overseas and there is now a need, more than ever, for the UK market to have the best platform to showcase these busi- nesses,” it said.
In its first year at Advanced Engineering the Nuclear
Engineering zone will see companies from across the supply chain demonstrate the possibilities and opportunities to key influencers. Typical exhibitors will provide equipment, products and services in control and instrumentation, nuclear process engineering, environ- mental engineering, test, measurement and inspection.
Performance Metals Engineering will highlight the demand for lightweight and high-performance metals in the UK which boasts more than 11,000 companies and employs 230,000 people. Processes on display will include casting, extrusion, drawing, stamping, sheet & tube forming, and forging alongside suppliers with expertise in powder metallurgy, friction drilling, additive / sub- tractive manufacturing, hydroforming, incremental sheet forming and superplastic forming.

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