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CGTech will demonstrate the new version of VERICUT® CNC machine simulation and optimisation software at Advanced Engineering.
Machine simulation with VERICUT detects collisions, close calls and over-travel errors. With input from thousands of users world- wide from every industry, the focus of VERI- CUT 8.2 has been to provide features that improve simulation visibility, speed work- flow, and streamline each user’s verification process.
These include a Right-Mouse-Button Ribbon which puts favourite VERICUT func- tions one click away, and provides conven- ient access to external applications and which programmers find useful.
In addition, a configurable Head-Up Display (HUD) improves simulation monitoring and visibility by showing the NC program, or machining and cutting status information, overlaid on top of VERICUT’s graphical views.
VERICUT 8.2 also adds Force Turning. This is a physics-based NC program optimisa- tion module that analyses and optimises
cutting conditions to achieve ideal chip thicknesses, while managing the cutting forces and spindle power required.
Force Turning optimises turning, and mill- turn operations, when combined with Force Milling. It makes it easy to create NC pro- grams for optimal cutting of inside/outside diameters, shoulders, as well as in corners and tight spaces – without the worry of encountering excessive cutting forces or high spindle power demands.
Finally, with the latest software release comes advancements in VERICUT's Additive Manufacturing capabilities. Even more realism has been added to additive simulation, and it detects many
common error condi- tions that program- mers face when creat- ing additive parts. Additive material can be applied “as pro- grammed” via the additive path, or pro- jected to the part surface for a more “natural” deposition behaviour.
CGTech will also demonstrate Composites 8.1 release of VCP and VCS, which fea- tures a completely redefined Graphical User Interface (GUI), enhanced suite of program- ming and analysis tools, and redefined methodology through the use of the power- ful new Laminate Manager.
The Laminate Manager helps users easily manage files, processes, and batch actions for the entire composite laminate. Internal refinements ensure that large projects are now able to be programmed and simulated in a fraction of the previous time.
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Advanced Engineering exhibitor Boneham & Turner has built a reputa- tion for quality and excellence in its 100 year history (see page 8).
Famous for the manufacture and supply of drill bushes, both in the UK and the US, the company provides engineering solutions at various levels of the supply chain in sectors including aerospace, automotive, auto-sport, power generation, MOD and machine building.
It maintains the largest inventory of drill bushes and dowel pins in the UK. Stand O60
lation tools for joining processes including arc and laser welding, resistance spot weld- ing and mechanical joining methods such as self-pierce riveting.
The additive module offers options for AM processes such as powder bed fusion and laser deposition.
As with all the simulation tools supplied
and supported by Dutton Simulation, the aim with these modules is to allow upfront evaluation of a proposed forming process to ensure it will be successful in delivering
a high quality part with minimal distortion.
materials, tooling and the time and ener- gy needed for manufacture.
The Dutton team continues to offer a full range of services for companies in sheet metal manufacturing via its long-established software tools from FTI, ETA and UBECO. It provides manufacturing simulation soft- ware, engineering consultancy and train- ing services to companies in the metal forming sector
For more information call 01926 732147 or visit the website.
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