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The UK's National Measurement Strategy Delivery Plan includes a range of actions to support the UK's Industry Strategy (see pages 9-14). The Plan sets out the way it will meet its objections. Here we summarise some of the main points.
Photo courtesy GTMA supplier Alicona UK - the company offers optical 3D meas- urement systems and equipment.
Continue to seek efficiency sav- ings in its delivery mechanisms by continuing to evaluate our measurement capabilities, seek- ing to balance prioritisation of investment in the national chal- lenges with the need to maintain existing (more mature) measure- ment capability that industry val- ues highly.
The NMS will identify alternative models of delivery of our work programmes, where appropriate in partnership, leveraging meas- urement capability associated with complementary funding activities and additional co-fund- ing for the NMS.
It will provide information to sponsor and advisory groups to meet this challenge.
The Programmes of work deliv- ered for the NMS are subject to a continuous cycle of review and scrutiny, Each measurement lab- oratory (please see page 13) undertakes a formulation exercise every three years with annual reviews and quarterly reporting.
Each sector has a Programme Expert Group (PEG). PEG mem- bers are representatives from industry, academia, public organisations and government including international represen- tatives, and serve two year terms. They support the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Stratgegy (BEIS) in acting as an intelligent customer to procure the NMS pro- grammes.
 The Measurement Delivery Plan says its approach to deliver the strategy is simple: Ensure our requirements are market driven; Create measurement capability for UK needs and users; Share our knowledge and facilites to create impact. To do this the NMS says it will:
Build better connections across measurement users to ensure we formulate programmes of work that understand the users' needs.
The measurement community is broad, from those who directly rely on critical measurements to those that maintain measure- ments in line with standards and regulations. This includes those across government where the NMS provides advice for policy.
Research often reaches the very limit of current understanding of measurement knowledge and the NMS partners with the world’s best scientists and engi- neers to bring research excel- lence to the UK.
In sharing this knowledge it is practical to work alongside and with other structures of support such as the formal training and education frameworks, local advice and support in regions, and specialist or representative trade bodies.
Undertake excellent measure- ment science, ensuring its appli- cation to address the UK’s glob- al challenges.
The NMS will contribute to the knowledge economy and push the boundaries to create impact for the measurement communi- ty. We expect to demonstrate this through scientific outputs and credibility and the demand for our measurement knowledge in broader research challenges
The NMS will work with the global network of measurement laboratories to ensure consisten- cy of measurements, fit for pur- pose regulation and standards, a level playing field for UK trade, and inward investment opportu- nities. Where applicable, we will ensure value for money of the UK investment in measurement by establishing shared measure- ment challenges between the global networks of measurement institutes.
Focus on end-user requirements to ensure ever-increasing access to our measurement knowledge, products and services. This will help new ideas come to fruition faster, ensuring their validity,
robustness and utility.
The extensive user community that relies on NMS advice, serv- ices and knowledge, also act as its eyes and ears for market needs. This will ensure opportu- nities for both informal anecdotal and formal structured user insight to be collated and inform our work programmes
The NMS will work with existing and future market and innovation leaders to anticipate the long-term needs. There will be an extensive foresight exercise to help inform future strategies and needs.
Provide confidence in the work- ing of the system and its appli- cation so that right first time accuracy and fit for purpose becomes best practice.
The NMS will provide impartial advice on measurement require- ments and technologies to those that need it, most notably responding to government policy decisions, procurement of serv- ices, legal or regulatory issues.
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