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Brexit is coming - so let’s take control
Is it time to get your Brexit Tinted Spectacles on....
Deal or No Deal?
Hard or Soft Exit? Thick or Thin border!
....Let’s take control
       We all know it’s coming, but what does it mean for the SMEs who provide over 60% of all private business sector employment in the UK?
According to Andy King, who advises SMEs on their Brexit plans, it’s time to get tactical now. Take control, demystify the unknown and get on with ‘business as usual’.
GTMA has teamed up with Andy and the Manufacturing Growth Programme to deliver a successful business model for Brexit with 35% funding available, subject to eligibility. It is a simple process to com- plete the straight forward application and there is no need to provide three quotes!
We all know we cannot leave this to the politicians to provide the answers. But it is vital that we do not ignore the fact that we cannot rely on the Government to give us enough time to act as we get ever closer to the deadline.
We hope you will not wait too long to consider accessing the ‘What if’ scenario: Funding is only available until the end of March so we need to act now, and be ready to adapt to the new trading and regulatory landscape Brexit will throw out to UK industry. So please contact us on 0121 392 8994 for further details.
In addition to this GTMA is moving forward on our Reshoring initiative, bringing together engineering trade associations to highlight the ‘lost’ engineering skills that so often remain hidden to the industry manufac- turers. We have a total of 20 Associations who have either joined or are waiting to join this engineering platform.
The exciting news is we have had confirmation that the Midlands Rail Forum and the Midlands Aerospace Association (MAA ) are joining this unique collaboration. We believe this will raise the profile of the Reshoring website with the Manufacturers and Tier 1 companies as we gain more industry manufacturers in the automotive, medical, rail, and aerospace industries. Please visit
We hope we can work together to face our future challenges so please do contact us if we can assist you.
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