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ISTMA and International Portal
offer key advice to look outside the UK
 GTMA’s International Trade Portal offers comprehensive data on the biggest mar- kets in your industry — and the fastest growing import and export flows gives a full picture of where our products are in demand.
While exporting can be difficult, the chance to dip one’s toes in the international market- place and the potential of new revenue streams makes the task very appealing to companies of all sizes.
Sponsored by Lloyds Bank the International Portal can assist and advise on key issues:
• Understanding the marketplace and chan- nels to market
• Cultural fit
• Finance
• Regulatory compliance
• Strategy
• The bigger picture
The International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA) represents over 30 special tooling associations world- wide. United under one roof ISTMA World
directs the central coordination and organisation of all international activities in respect of:
• ISTMA Americas • ISTMA Asia
• ISTMA Europe
ISTMA International Terminology Directory
Through GTMA membership the Association is able to supply an interactive technical web-based tool for companies operating in
the global market as it includes:
• international glossary for tool die and
mould making
• technical terms in three Asian and 11
western languages
• search, browsing and printing
• free of charge for GTMA members
ISTMA's Statistical Year Book provides a detailed analysis of data concerning produc- tion, exports, imports and market dimension, country by country with economic data detailed in over 260 pages.
There are also value unit indices for the most important classes of products in the industry for: Injection and compression moulds; and mould tools for metal tools for pressing, stamping, punching and forming (Dies). This comprehensive year book is available free of charge for GTMA members.
Reshoring initiative moves on as manufacturing organisations join platform
GTMA has successfully set up a unique collaboration of 16 leading industrial engi- neering trade associations’ members ranging from the Cast Metals Federation to CompositesUK by company and location on
The Reshoring UK platform is to help manufacturers connect with trusted, accredited suppliers capable of delivering products and services that match their requirements.
This structured approach will support OEMs and Tier 1 companies who need to fill the gaps in their supply chains or to support the creation of new ones. The platform will pro- vide a sustainable ‘search facility’ for high value and technical requirements of indus- tries such as aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, energy and medical.
The site will help visitors to find UK-based suppliers from conceptual design to a com- plete product delivery.
The reshoringUK intiative is now in its second phase as it approaches the sector manufac- turing organisations. It has already achieved early success with Midlands Aerospace, Rail Forum Midlands and the Welsh Automotive Forum.
With their involvement, and other sector spe- cific organisations, the aim is to grow the manufacturers section and bring them together with the often ‘lost’ engineering skills in the UK.
The UK has an abundance of companies in the engineering sector with the ability to innovate. These companies can provide not only solutions but their technology can also
often be pulled through for transfer into other sectors. The Reshoring platform
will be an enabler for technical knowledge transfer.
The Patron is Baroness Burt of Solihull who, along with many other parliamentary duties, is involved in the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group.
She has kindly added her support to the GTMA initiative to build a connected network.
She said: “ The development of the Reshoring initiative is to encourage engage- ment with our manufacturing supply chain and to recognise the strength, skills and inno- vation available to manufacturers in the UK.”

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