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Bowers Group system is perfect fit for ground-breaking X-ray technology
GTMA supplier Bowers Group has sup- plied key measurement systems to help ensure the accuracy of key components used in ground breaking X-Ray detector technology.
The innovative technology is capable of gen- erating high sensitivity materials information from standard X-ray detectors, which can aid diagnostics and the early detection of cancer cells.
When used in medical applications addition- al information such as Bone Mineral Density becomes available, enabling better diagnosis of conditions such as osteoporosis.
Developers IBEX Innovations Limited (IBEX) is also testing the technology as a way to improve the standard X-Ray techniques used in the routine screening of women for breast cancer, potentially enabling the early detection of cancer cells.
The patented IBEX technology adds a pre- cise three dimensional structure, the IBEX Multi Absorption Plate (MAP), in front of an existing X ray detector to modulate the X ray beam in a predictable way over the area of a few pixels.
It was this Multi Absorption Plate that IBEX had to ensure was highly accurate in order to facilitate the correct modulation of the X
ray beam. To do this they needed a high precision measurement solution.
The Baty VuMaster CNC Vision System sup- plied by Bowers encompasses a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. Because the camera moves and the part stays still, expensive and potentially time consuming work holding devices are not needed.
IBEX Innovations’ Grants and Project Delivery Manager, Kurt Scott, said: “We are
Innovative technology supplied by GTMA suppli- er Bowers Group – it is capable of generating high sensitivity materials information from standard X-ray detectors.
very pleased with the performance of the VuMaster. Although it has mainly been used for research and development so far, it’s a valuable piece of inspection kit.
“The features of the VuMaster are a perfect fit for our application, and the automated measurement process means that our lab technicians are free to get on with their work. The measurement process is fast and accurate. It really works for us.”
WDS – how it is playing a key role in the medical equipment world...
Medical science and technology advances constantly — and GTMA supplier WDS Component Parts Ltd is a key contributor.
The company is part of the whole industry of design and engineering which is contributing to this fundamental pillar of modern society.
It supplies components, standard parts and accessories to most of the major UK med- ical equipment manufacturers, and many of their requirements are the same as for other engineering companies.
WDS parts are likely to be found in a wide range of medical and patient care equip- ment. This includes mobility aids such as
wheelchairs and walking frames (with and without wheels), hospital ward equipment such as specialist beds and patient hoists.
It also supplies to companies that make stands, frames and supports for equipment such as monitors and fluid drips.
These components are selected from across WDS’s wide range of parts and include: wheels, casters, and levelling feet; locating pins and detent pins; handles, levers, knobs and handwheels; hinges, locks and latches, all manner of nuts, bolts and screws; lifting eyes; gas struts, anti- vibration mounts, clamps and even hydraulic boosters.
Many of these parts will be used by medical staff, or the patients themselves, to set up and adjust the equipment, so they must create a sense of reliability and fitness for purpose.
A big part of WDS’s work in the medical equipment field relates to repair and mainte- nance.
Patient safety has to be paramount, so most medical equipment is designed to be robust and as near indestructible as possible.
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