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                                                                            Process monitoring without the bottlenecks
 Reduce bottlenecks and scrap with quick and easy process monitoring using the Renishaw EquatorTM
Process Monitor software for the Renishaw Equator allows users to view an instant status monitor bar chart of last measured features, historical results for the feature selected, and three status displays allowing management of re-mastering. The limit for re-mastering can be set on the basis of temperature drift, time since last master, or by number of parts measured.
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  'Event that keeps
on growing...'
LIT is delighted to host the GTMA trade show - Manufacturing Solutions - for the third consecutive year.
Limerick Institute of Technology is a higher education institution which plays a leading role in ensuring that manufacturing in the mid west region of Ireland continues to have the ability to adapt, change and remain at the cutting edge when it comes to technology.
GTMA brings all the leading technology suppliers together, so that industry can also benefit from our collective knowledge, products and technology. We at LIT are therefore delighted to be part of an event that not only allows us to build strong partnerships but facili- tates an exchange of ideas.
In 2016, when the possibility of Manufacturing Solutions was first explored with the GTMA and the PTMA, we at LIT were confident that this event would be well received in the Irish mid west, a region central to the Irish manufacturing sector for much of the his- tory of the state.
Not only were we correct in our prediction, but in many ways we underestimated its potential success. Manufacturing Solutions is now Ireland's largest manufacturing supply chain trade exhibition, and continues to grow year on year.
In it's first year Manufacturing Solutions attracted more than 500 people to LIT, Moylish Campus for the first ever manufacturing technologies and engineering solutions road-show to be held out- side of the UK. By 2018 up to 1,000 delegates visited this well received event, opening up new possibilities within the supply chain to customers and suppliers from both Ireland and the UK, helping to advance the capabilities of Industry 4.0 and building stronger trading relationships.
This year is a particularly important one for trading and business relationships between Ireland and the UK, a fact reflected in the expansion of Manufacturing Solutions 2019 to include Meet-the- Manufacturer, facilitated by Enterprise Europe Network Invest Northern Ireland.
Manufacturing Solutions 2019 will also include a specific zone for Irish SME's to exhibit their products and services facilitated by the PTMA; a parallel one-day conference entitled "Energy Efficiency in Industry - Adding Value through behavioural change and resource efficiency"; as well as the ever popular demonstration of LIT CNC machining capabilities in collaboration with suppliers.
I look forward to welcoming you to LIT, Moylish Campus on June 12, 2019.
      Professor Vincent Cunnane LIT President

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