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  3D Technology
Stand 21
A leading provider of 3D printing solutions in the UK and Ireland. It provides 3D printers, service, maintenance, consumables, support and on-demand manu- facturing. It is an authorised partner to 3D Systems, CEL, Shining 3D, Geomagic and NextDent.
AJ Plastics
Stand 15
The leading sub-contract manu- facturer of precision injection moulded components and assemblies to leading compa- nies in the medical device, phar- maceutical and automotive sec- tors.
Alicona UK
Stand 30
Manufactures standard products for optical surface metrology. Its ability to image and measure in 3D provides unique measure- ment opportunities for research and production. Its core compe- tence is the measurement of surface roughness and form locally and across large meas- urement areas and volumes.
Stand P8
A leading provider of quality management and compliance software, ISO standards imple- mentation and consultancy advice. Has been providing solu- tions for more than 20 years and specialises in giving its cus- tomers a competitive edge.
Ashleigh Engineering
Stand P9
For over 30 years Ashleigh has been leading the way in preci-
sion engineering design, turning and milling. It is a trusted part- ner of world leading mining, oil and gas and medical device manufacturers such as Mincon or John Crane.
Ash Technologies Ltd
Stand 31
Designs and delivers compelling digital vision, measurement and inspection solutions. Is recog- nised for its award-winning inno- vation and product design capa- bilities.Its solutions improve pro- duction and quality fault detection & increase operator performance.
Benson Engineering
Stand P4
For over 30 years has served industry with the most demand- ing turned parts in brass, cop- per aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and plastics. It uses both precision CNC and CAM operated sliding head machines to produce parts.
Stand P10
Designs, prototypes, manufac- tures and validates high quality, high precision, assemblies and fabrications. Established in 1979, its total commitment to quality and continuous improve- ment has made it a trusted part- ner to its OEM customer base. Offers “end-to-end” manufactur- ing solutions, including full con- tract manufacturing.
Caulfield Industrial
Stands 53-54
Ireland's leading industrial sup- ply company. Is the largest sup- plier of quality tools, equipment, clean room products, safety supplies, and hand & power tools. It has a huge collection of equipment and tools online.
CC Jensen
Stand 4
The global leader in oil mainte- nance with more than 60 years experience. Its Oil Filtration products for use in areas includ- ing machine tools offer solutions so that production does not have to stop to service the oil fil- ter.
Ceratizit Komet WNT Klenk
Stand 43
CERATIZIT Group has brought together four of the world's leading competence brands to consolidate and enhance its support for customers across the engineering manufacturing spectrum. The brands are cut- ting solutions from CERATIZIT, Komet, Klenk and WNT.
Stand 23
CGTech is the developer of VERICUT, a world leading soft- ware for CNC simulation, verification, optimization, analy- sis and additive manufacturing. It protects CNC machine tools against crashes, and allows users to create virtual machining environments.
Crossen Engineering
Stand H9
Over 30 years has grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom-made parts in metals and polymers. Its success across sectors including aero, auto and medical is built on building strategic partnerships with its clients from design to production.
CSI Manufacturing
Stands H28-29
Known worldwide as the leader
in laser design and engineering. It is also the market leader in the production of Industrial Bespoke Labels. Can design, manufac- ture and supply your entire label and identification requirements using the latest technology, including lasers.
Cytec Systems UK
Stand 40
Leading supplier of hydraulic cylinders to the mould and die industry. Its products include both the Cytec and AHP Merkle ranges of locking cylinders, clamping devices, hydraulic block cylinders and many oth- ers. Also Ermanno Balzi systems for cooling circuits on mould tools.
DC Swiss
Stand 3
Has an unrivalled reputation for producing world leading quality threading tools. It has a huge range of products, all of which are available from its Sheffield office. Serves sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, automo- tive and power..
Design Pro Automation
Stands H20 and H23
https://designproautomation. com/
Automation through robotics to offer solutions at the forefront of the latest robotic advancements. A leading provider of precision automation and machine build, including turnkey projects, since 2004.
Department for International Trade
Stands 44-45 sations/department-for-interna- tional-trade
Helps to secure UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and

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