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With 2019 expecting to continue the 2018 worldwide growth within the aerospace industry, OEM’s are always looking for more and more efficient and productive ways to develop their value streams.
GTMA supplier Kemet, alongside its part- ners Finnsonic, has focused on this sector with its in-process cleaning and FPI tech- nology for over 40 years, and has delivered over 500 automated cleaning systems worldwide within that time.
Aerospace, for obvious reasons, sets strict requirements on the quality of manufac- tured components; so the repeatability and performance of all validated processes are key to maintaining this quality. Finnsonic’s Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection lines have been approved in the aviation industry for both manufacturer (OEM) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).
Complex systems have been supplied to some of the world’s largest players, and Finnsonic is a licensed GE Aviation supplier. Most FPI lines will also include ultrasonic cleaning stages prior to the penetrant appli- cation so that perfect coverage can be guaranteed. Kemet offers solutions for the most demanding of cleaning applications,
basing systems on type of contaminant, capacity requirements, size and type of component, and the available floor space.
At its Maidstone, Kent test centre it can develop and prove the most effective and efficient cleaning processes for any applica- tion. A recent MRO test at Kemet con- cerned the removal of dirt and grease from aircraft hydraulic pipes and tubes.
The braided pipes supplied for the test were stainless steel and plastic, heavily contaminated with general dirt and grease, but in addition, dried de-icing fluid, and car- bon dust.
With a 20 minute process using a Finnsonic Mi80 and Kemet’s Rodaclean Supra clean- ing fluid from Swiss manufacturers NGL, all
the braided hoses were perfectly cleaned like new. The test completed at no cost to the cus- tomer, giving them confi- dence and real data that enables them to see in advance how best to incorporate into a future investment programme.
This is the same tried and tested service that Kemet has offered for over 80 years. It’s not only ultrasonic cleaning and FPI sys- tems, but all surface finishing challenges that Kemet can be relied on to support.
Its diamond lapping and polishing systems for a broad range of geometries and materials are used extensively throughout the aircraft and aerospace industries because of the quality of the products, but also the knowledge and support offered by its technical team.
If you have new surface finishing applica- tions that you need some help with, contact Kemet International on Tel: (+44) 01622 755287 or email
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The familiar user interface of the smart phone and tablet has been incorporated into the next-generation, mid-range CNC system from HEIDENHAIN.
The TNC 620 no longer has soft keys at the side of the screen or function keys and a numeric keypad below. Operation is now via graphics on a large touch screen.
This contouring CNC for prismatic machin- ing and probing is a 4-axis control as stan- dard, but can be extended to 5-axis simul- taneous operation.
In common with previous versions, with which the new unit is compatible, contour fidelity, high speed and excellent surface finish are obtained.
The context-sensitive, intuitive user interface shows the elements that a user needs during all working steps, making the control straightforward and reliable to operate.
The TNC 620’s familiar look and functionali- ty has now been combined with modern operation using tapping, swiping and drag- ging motions on the screen.

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