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  Easier to operate than previous control versions, the interface speeds data entry, location and manipulation, resulting in tangible increases in produc- tivity.
An operator can move graphics directly on screen dynamically and smoothly, zoom in or out and move or rotate a graphic. A pop-up keyboard appears for inputting text.
Just as quickly and intuitively, swiping motions enable kinetic scrolling at opera- tor-controllable speed. A slow, brief flick results in scrolling over a few lines, whereas a longer, rapid swipe scrolls over many lines and a short tap stops the movement.
Searching through long lists, programs and tables to find an NC block or tool, for example, is therefore much quicker.
A video of the control in operation may be viewed at URL: watch?v=uWmOuoxrc6k
The new MC 8410 main computer in the TNC 620 with touch screen technol- ogy complements the MC 7410 and MC 7420 units.
For the machine builder, the newly designed operator panel MB 721 can be supplied with dual-channel feedback for safety-critical applications. It features three optional elements that can be assigned to additional keys, key switch-
es or a USB connection and provides potentiometers for feed rate and spindle speed adjustment.
Users of HEIDENHAIN controls will be able to transfer seamlessly to the new-generation TNC 620 touchscreen CNC system.
• HEIDENHAIN (GB) is a wholly owned sub- sidiary of Dr JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH and with 23 staff is responsible for the sales and service of the company's entire product range. This includes prod- ucts from group companies including Acu-Rite, RSF, Numerik Jena,, AMO and ETEL.
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  An impressive manufacturing facility, with almost 100 staff running around the clock, is saving itself money with GTMA supplier Wogaard’s Oil Saver.
It has an array of Citizen Swiss-type sliding head lathes which provide the majority of its turning and mill-turning capability, with 13 of them now fitted with the Oil Saver.
The manufacturer is Worthing-based Roscomac which was established by Fernando Martello in 1976 as a sub-con- tract engineering business to make compo- nents and sub-assemblies using the latest CNC technologies. It serves sectors includ- ing aerospace, medical, oil & gas, and gen- eral precision engineering.
Production Manager Sean Keat says: “ We recently purchased a number of Citizen lathes and were made aware of the capabil- ities of the Wogaard Oil Saver. I contacted Wogaard's Managing Director, Jason Hutt, and after a visit on site he helped us install the first unit for us to thoroughly evaluate it.
“It was a real eye-opener seeing the unit operate on that first machine, taking the neat oil back to the machine’s sump.
Photos from Wogaard: making oil saving a money maker on shopfloors.
 “We had about 7 litres a day accumulating in the bin at anything up to £5 per litre. The Oil Saver quickly pulls this back into the sump of the machine, and that alone would pretty much pay for every Wogaard unit we have in the factory.
“And it is not like we spend a lot of time maintaining them. It’s a fit and forget, just put it in the swarf bin every day and check that that’s sucking up and you're reclaiming your money.
“I don’t know how many litres we have seen reclaimed, but it makes a positive impact on the environment and that is certainly part of Roscomac’s core family values.”
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