Page 38 - SCS Issue eleven
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  Reduce Oil/Coolant costs with great H&S/Environmental benefits
  Coolant Saver
• Up to 50% Coolant Saving • Reduced topping up
• Up to 90% saving in disposal
•Reduction in Disposal cost to remove coolant
• Manpower reduction
•No manual intervention to empty coolant in swarf bin
as it is done automatically
•Only swarf will require emptying of bin
• Swarf Value
•Improved price for swarf without coolant
• Environment
•Not only recycling coolant but NO external power
required or outside coolant leaks
Neat Oil Saver
• Improved Housekeeing
•No coolant collecting from outside the machine or leaking on the floor
Solutions 2019 020 8935 5182 Stand 6
             Stainless Steels and Titanium are both prone to galling and seizing. WS2 is a very low friction dry lubricant surface treatment, developed by NASA for use in deep space, and has been shown to provide a very cost effective solution preventing both problems on threads and other sliding surfaces. WS2 works well from -273° to 450° C and down to 10-14 Torr. WS2 has also been applied to bearings and gears to extend life.

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