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 Among other products, GTMA supplier Mahr UK is promoting its MarSurf CM expert at Manufacturing Solutions.
It is a powerful, configurable confocal microscope for the three-dimensional meas- urement and analysis of surfaces – contact- less, independent of material, and fast.
Key features include:
• Automatic brightness adjustment (auto intensity)
• Start of measurement in only a few clicks
• Automatic measurement range setting
(auto range)
• User-independent serial measurements by
automation software
• 3D presentation
• Fast and high-quality display
• Collision detection in all directions
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) function, 6-bit
• High measurement speed – even at full
• Consistent high resolution output of large
measuring surfaces due to HD stitching.
Users value the reliability of this measuring system, which provides quantitative, trace- able 3D characteristics for many industries. It is an automatable, high-end measuring system. It is suitable for use in test laborato- ries and for quality assurance in production environments due to its robust construction and insensitivity to environmental influences.
With additional manual Z positioning, a large x and y travel range and the possibility of automation, it offers excellent ease of use. The option of performing user-independent, fully automatic measurements makes this
surface measuring system ideal for straightforward and efficient use in quality assurance.
This established optical measuring system is successfully used, for example, for: Roughness measurement according to DIN EN ISO 4287 / 25178; Topography meas- urement (including volume, wear, isotropy); and Measurement of microgeometry and layer thicknesses.
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GTMA supplier AddQual specialises in the manufacture, pre-production, qualification and production of components for the aerospace, automotive, medical and power generation industries.
It provides services that Capture, Verify, Transform and provide Solutions so its cus- tomers can produce better products and implement solutions to help reduce costs and lead-times.
Its expert team uses world-class methods and capabilities, using the latest non-con- tact scanning optical CMM, additive printing equipment and design tools to achieve opti- mum results.
Its sector experience includes:
Aerospace: AddQual's services cover the exacting standards of aero engine, airframe components and aircraft interiors through
the supply chain, and their lifecycle, consid- ering Development, Production and Repair.
Medical: It assists in the growth and deliv- ery of high precision medical products and assemblies. It enables change within its customers' manufacturing facilities and their supply chains with solutions that verify and qualify process and product modifications.
Automotive: It supports the production readiness of customers' high volume
demands by verifying the correct quality of tooling and bill of material items. This ensures finished products are delivered to the customers' requirements during the readiness and ramp up process stages.
Power: It supports its customers and their suppliers throughout the manufacturing processes, providing independent verifica- tion for products and consumables allow- ing the qualification of established and new supply chains.
AddQual's method follows a set path: Capture, Verify, Transform, Solution. It offers a range of scalable services aligned to the customer requirements that consider the product journey for quality critical prod- ucts and sectors
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