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Having been successful for many years selling gauging transducers, GTMA suppli- er Innovative Measurement Technology {IMT} has now brought Encoders and Glass Scales to its customers with Precizika Metrology.
An encoder is a device used to convert physical movement into digital signals. It gives a control system information about the magnitude and direction of movement allow- ing it to be used to control moving parts of equipment.
Common applications include in CNC machines, conveyors, robotics or wherever rotary and linear motion is monitored and controlled.
Optical glass gratings are also available where the user provides the electronics for a custom system. Available as discs up to 200mm diameter and linear scales up to 3400mm in length.
Precizika Metrology creates one of the largest Linear Encoders on the market with a measuring length of up to 50,000mm. It has more than 50 years in the design and pro- duction of metrology equipment and was previously part of Brown & Sharpe then Hexagon Group.
The company's success includes the National Science Prize for Encoders Development in 1983 and more recently the Lithuanian product of the year.
IMT visited Precizika in 2017 and was
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never be charged for entering or moving through a CAZ.”
One of the aims of CAZ is to support the transition to ULEVs and five English cities are mandated to create the Zones by 2020. Bans, he warned, are coming on “ICE-only” vehicles.
Also impacting on the auto sector, dele- gates were told, is Brexit. As he spoke there was still uncertainty over the actual deal and this uncertainty was a big deter- rent to foreign direct investment. Firms had postponed decisions, others such as Honda and Aston Martin were stockpiling parts; there were temporary plant closures
impressed by the exceptionally high quality of the encoders produced. They can directly replace other brands such as RSF and are compatible with certain Siemens, Fanuc and Heidenhain controllers, among others.
Precizika has the capability to produce cus- tom solutions: It creates glass scales that are used in other manufacturers encoders; is ISO 9001: 2015 certified; and is always driv- ing forward investing in new products and future proofing existing ones.
The best selling encoder for Precizika is the Linear Encoder with 39% of the total sales. The range consists of photoelectric and magnetic linear encoders equalling 14 differ- ent series with distinct features up to 50m in measuring length with 0.1μm resolution. It is also possible to have an accuracy of up to 1μm/measuring.
Encoders are used to convert angular or lin- ear displacement into electric signals con- taining information about the magnitude and direction of movement. After further signal
(MINI, Toyota); and JLR had warned of the effects of no deal.
Turning to Driverless Cars - “which are com- ing” - he said there are implications with “fleet-based on-demand personal mobility” value chains comprising components which will share data across the chain. This will involve:
• Vehicle design and manufacturing (existing automakers, outsourced manufacture, supplier or fleet operator, operating on an open invitation model].
• Operating platforms – existing automak- ers, Tier 1 suppliers or new entrants
• User experience platform providers – con-
processing by the numeric control devices (processor complexes, digital readouts), this information is used to control moving parts of the equipment.
Available in a variety of configurations Optical Glass gratings are for applications where the electronics and scanning unit is provided by the user for customised measuring or detec- tion. The glass gratings are available in dif- ferent variations, linear scales up to 3400mm, as glass disks or as special geo- metric designs.
An advantage over competition is the ability to produce custom solutions. Precizika can offer adjustments to current encoders or entirely new projects based on a customers’ specification. New projects are advised to have a discussion in which the best solution can be created, but the R&D department is always active and willing to experiment and keep up with a customers’ needs.
trolling the passenger's mobility experi- ence, including in-cabin experience includ- ing hardware, software and data.
Data services providers will cover areas including content entertainment, traffic, map- ping and weather. Fleet creation/fleet opera- tors could specify, design and buy or lease from specific vehicle manufacturers; or lease from a “fleet creation company”, as in the airline industry. Fleet creation involves financ- ing and insurance.
Fleet operators may be firms operating and managing the fleet of ACE vehicles offering on-demand mobility services which could integrate with public transport and to 'global

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