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   Planned maintenance packages to minimise downtime
Hardware/software retrofit kits a speciality for most machines
Approved retrofitter for Aberlink, Renishaw and Zeiss software (Non Zeiss Measuring Machines)
CHE are a Calibration Laboratory to ISO17025 and accredited to CMM Standards ISO 10360-2:2009 and 2010 for Single Stylus Probing
Highly trained staff at CHE are able to perform a full service and cali- bration on your machine and we carry a vast stock of spares to support our customers.
CHE are the original “One Stop Shop” Email:
Jaguar Land Rover Technology Manager, Powertrain Engineering, Alan Olifent, had advice on how to gain competitive advantage through measurement at the Mazak event.
One of the keys to continuous improvement was to attack waste “in all its forms” and not just look for the big gains. It was important to chase the “Marginal Gains” and realise the secondary benefits: Cut overtime, cut admin, improve scheduling, improve productivity, purchase fewer components and raw materials, increase profitability!
In his presentation at Manufacturing Solutions UK in March he set a model for continuous improvement with these elements:
• Set measures and monitor
• Don't just measure customer features
• Establish Control Charts
• Use the data to identify where improvement actions are needed • Use the data to confirm the improvement worked
• Involve everyone in the organisation.
Alan joined Jaguar Land Rover in 2011 and led the team that deliv- ered gauging and Body-in-White inspection equipment across all new vehicle projects. In 2015 he transferred to Powertrain Engineering to help set up a new, world-class Metrology Centre.
This Centre supports the whole of Powertrain Engineering with high precision measurement services ranging from first article inspection, durability analysis, supplier quality investigations and warranty actions.
The benefits of good metrology and measurement are wide-ranging from having better data to make decisions to identifying issues before they become customer issues. It protects your business from unexpected events affecting your production processes; from external events; and from onerous customer price demands.
Further advantages are lower utility bills, lower material costs, and smaller carbon footprint.
distribution system' firms (as in airlines) offering reservations.
Some of the policy implications are for the UK's Industrial Strategy to develop the new technologies needed, such as batteries, electric vehicles and autonomous technologies. These should be done in the UK to create manufacturing jobs. Policies should be aligned on innovation, skills, supply chain, procurement, planning and energy.
The Government's Industrial Strategy and automotive sector deal is a start “but doesn't go nearly far enough on supply chains.” There needs also to be long term commitment and certainty regarding take up of Low Carbon Vehicles, and broader planning in place regarding autonomous vehicles.
And with all this, there is the on-going question of EU standards. Membership, he said, was a good thing, but how will this be handled?

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