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Tungsten carbide gauge block specialist Broomfield Carbide Gauges is breaking records in its business.
The company, which was the first company in the world to develop specific sets of tung- sten carbide gauge blocks, saw its turnover hit levels not seen in over 30 years in March.
It achieved the new high because of its ability to manufacture individual blocks and cus- tomised sets to any customers' requirements.
Managing Director Gary Pearson, who took over when his father David, who bought the company in 1972, passed away last June, said: “It was an incredible month and being able to do bespoke sets pushed up our fig- ures.”
These one-off projects complement Broomfield's range of standard sets to meet any required standard (ISO 3650, American
standards and the proposed new European and International Standards in preparation).
With over 50 years of experience in the pro- duction and calibration of high precision gauge blocks, Broomfield is able to offer unparalleled levels of service and quality.
It has an international client base in, among others, sectors including automotive, aero- space and defence. Automotive in particular is an industry where Broomfield is hoping to do even more work.
Established in 1956, it was one of the first companies to institute the use of computer controlled inspection processes for compari- son and interferometric calibration.
Its experience with tungsten carbide has allowed it to produce gauge blocks from this superior material at a cost comparable with high quality steel gauges.
With Class 'A' accreditation verified by UKAS, the Broomfield calibration laboratory not only has the authority to calibrate grade K (calibra- tion grade) gauges but also to validate the pri- mary standards used in a vast number of other UKAS Laboratories. It also has the inter- national calibration ilac-MRA mark.
Using only the finest grade tungsten carbide, Broomfield manufactures gauge blocks in sizes from 0.20mm to 100mm or 0.010 ins to 4.0 ins.

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