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                                BUSINESS PARTNERS
FREE SERVICE on HR relations
 Among GTMA’s Business Partners, who offer members special services across many professional areas, is HR:4UK. Its help with employee and HR relations is available free, along with an upgrade membership with a 60% discount that includes employee benefits across a range of big brand names. Here HR:4UK highlights what’s on offer.
Managing workplace issues and ensuring that your business is always up-to-date with the latest changes in employment legisla- tion, can be challenging and time consuming.
As a GTMA member, however, you are entitled to free HR help, guidance and advice whenever you need it, thanks to GTMA’s long-standing relationship with HR specialist HR:4UK.
Support available as part of GTMA membership includes unlimited telephone and email access to HR:4UK’s team of professional and experienced HR advisers. Members can also take advantage of e-Connect – HR:4UK’s sophisticated and user-friendly employee adminis- tration management software.
As part of its service, HR:4UK will carefully craft an employ- ment contract for members which is tailored to their busi- ness needs. This contract tem- plate, located within the mem- bers' secure area on the online portal eConnect, allows them to add employee details such as name, job title and remuneration for each member of staff. It can be used time and time again.
Additionally, HR:4UK also pro- vides GTMA members with an online employment handbook containing all mandatory HR policies, rules and procedures. Staff can view the handbook from any web-enabled device (PC, tablet or mobile phone),
and individuals can view their own employment contract from within it.
Should a member require a high- er level of HR support and advice, it can of course upgrade its serv- ice - withm a 60% discount on HR:4UK’s standard rates.
There are several options to suit different member’s require- ments. These include additional employment contract templates for different types of employees, or expanding the number of policies written into their online employee handbook.
When members upgrade they are also protected by HR:4UK’s unique guarantee which pro-
vides free legal representation in the event of an employee dis- pute escalating to an employ- ment tribunal.
Your workforce, however, is per- haps your most valuable asset, and for members who choose to upgrade their service, HR:4UK includes a wide selection of gen- erous employee benefits for staff to enjoy.
HR:4UK Rewards provides staff access to 1000’s of discounts, special offers and promotions from hundreds of major high street and online operators. From within the ‘Employee Benefits Schemes’ area of the online handbook staff can browse through various offers and rewards to help stretch their
pay a little further.
Major participating retailers from categories such as Supermarkets, Beauty & Fragrance, Electrical & Computers, Home & Garden, Days Out & Experiences, Mobile Phone & Broadband, Motoring, Travel, Flights, Accommodation, Pets, Storecards, Fashion, Health, Flowers & Cards, Hotels, Car Hire (and lots more)...
HR:4UK Rewards is completely cost neutral to the employer and can be used as an incentive, a bonus or simply to say thank you to staff for all their hard work.
To register for either the free membership to learn more about the upgraded benefits contact the GTMA office at for GTMA members’ code.
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