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  Lawday Engineering has spe- cialised in the design and manu- facture of mould tools for the metals industry for over 40 years.
It also designs and produces tooling for many other applica- tions including Jigs & Fixtures, Clip Tools, Press Tools, Prototype Tooling and Ancillary Machinery.
From concept to completion the company has built an enviable reputation for quality and service in sectors including aerospace, automotive, defence, domestic goods, construction, sports and leisure.
Over the years it has evolved into one of Britain's leading exponents in the manufacture of tooling for a broad network of metal foundries responsible for supplying components around the globe for the automotive and other industries.
AddQual’s expert team spe- cialises in the manufacture, measurement and qualification of products for the aerospace, medical, automotive and power generation industries.
It also identifies and implements solutions that help you reduce cost and lead-time.
AddQual uses world-class meth- ods and capabilities, using the latest 3D Scanning, 3D Printing equipment and design tools to achieve optimum results, aided by its supply chain partners.
Examples include:
• In AEROSPACE: Services to cover the exacting standards of Aero Engine, Airframe components and Aircraft
Interiors through the supply chain and their lifecycle, co sidering Development,
Production and Repair.
• In MEDICAL: It helps the
growth and delivery of high precision medical products and assemblies, enabling change in its customers' man- ufacturing facilities and their supply chains. It works to strict quality protocols and procedures.
• In AUTOMOTIVE: Supports production for high volume demands including verifying the quality of tooling and readiness for ramp up process stages.
• In POWER: Support through- out the manufacturing process- es, with independent verifica- tion for products for estab- lished and new supply chains.
   Key to its long term success has been:
• Continual investment in tech- nology and machinery
• Using the highest grade mate- rials, specific for the process involved
• Complete in-house casting simulation, design, manufac- ture and part inspection serv- ice
• Using world class machinery and processes
• Integration of world class cut- ting tools and paths to produce high specification finishes.
    FANUC has pioneered the development of numerically controlled machines in the automation industry for over 60 years.
With 263 locations supporting 108 countries worldwide and more than 7,000 employees, FANUC offers a dense network in sales, technical support, research & development, logis- tics and customer service.
The business specialises in fac- tory automation, which is split across three categories: robot- ics, factory automation systems, and production machinery.
Its extensive product portfolio comprises market-leading verti- cal milling centres (ROBO- DRILL), plastic injection mould- ing machines (ROBOSHOT), wire EDMs (ROBOCUT), indus- trial robots and CNC systems.
In the UK, FANUC oper- ates out of a £19 million, 107,000 sq ft facility at Ansty Park in Coventry, which opened in May 2017.
Embodying the company's significant growth over recent years, as well as its unified
approach for the future, FANUC’s headquarters is four times larger than previously and has enabled the business to strengthen its market position.
HiETA Techologies Limited is a product design, development and production company exploiting Additive Manufacturing (AM).
It uses Selective Laser Melting to ‘grow’ components from lay- ers of very fine metal powders. The 3D design freedom of the approach allows it to deploy complex geometries and to cre- ate more compact and efficient components than conventional manufacturing.
It produces products including:
• High-temperature heat exchangers such as recupera- tors for micro gas turbine sys- tems
• Low-temperature heat exchangers such as water- cooled charge air coolers
• Turbo machinery including lightweight and cooled
turbine wheels
• Combustion and fuel delivery
parts such as injectors and
combustor cans
• Integrated systems including a
waste heat recovery system based on an inverted Brayton Cycle
Its heat exchangers are typically 40% smaller and lighter and its turbo machinery can operate at up to 200°C higher than those available elsewhere. It targets 40% efficiencies for micro gas turbine systems.
HiETA also offers services in design engineering, additive manufacturing and testing.

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