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Petford takes initial concepts and ideas and helps progress them through to the finished moulded product. The one- stop shop helps to reduce management costs and ensure a smooth, unbroken continua- tion of development.
It offers engineering solutions for tomorrows challenges and is one of the Black Country’s most enterprising manufacturers. Since its launch in 1971 it has developed to become one of the country’s leading tool making and injection moulders.
Its specialist advice and unique, diverse production systems, allow it to offer straightforward exciting practical solutions.
Although it has surrounded itself with advanced productions sys-
tems – it likes to keep things simple. Its large skilled work- force can resolve any aspect of its client’s complex needs and ongoing investment in skills training helps it remain as indus- try leaders.
Both its UK sites work to ISO 9001 and IATF16949 and con- tinuously develop and maintain the correct attitude towards high quality achievements to give complete customer satisfaction.
The DSM group of companies, based around the UK, has an on-going investment strategy in areas such as Water Jet Cutting, 5 Axis Lasers,
Tube Cutting Lasers and 4metre x 2metre Fibre lasers and additional fabrication facil- ities.
With wide technical knowledge the companIes are:
Essex Laser (Grays) – spe- cialises in laser cutting and water jet cutting of sheet metal, and also sheet metal folding. From single parts to volume pro- duction.
Intec Project Engineering
(Redditch) – flat bed laser cut- ting, tubular laser cutting, 5 axis laser cutting and precision sheet metal work. Quotations usually within 24 hours.
Laserit (Bristol)- an established Laser profiling business offering
complete metal cutting and fabri- cating solutions. Also offers processes including de-burring, welding and folding.
Laser Process Ltd (Cannock) - uses 'state of the art' high speed laser cutters, plus CNC pressbrake bending machinery. From one off to full scale pro- duction quantities. www.laser-
Precision Laser Processing
(Rugby) – experience in materials including titanium and aluminium with 5-axis water jet cutting etc. Approved supplier to Rolls-Royce Aerospace (and cars), Bombardier Aerospace. www.precisionlaser-
Quality Components (UK)
(Pontefract) - a 'one stop shop' for sheet metal components and sub assemblies, including flat plate laser cutting, laser cutting and engraving. www.laserprofil-
 Standex Engraving Mold-Tech optimises Surface Performance by creating textures on the tooling that manufactures prod- ucts we all use every day.
It operates in 23 countries with 45 manufacturing and design studios, each with the same quality approach for its cus- tomers; and each applying iden- tical operational directives. This guarantees texture harmony on global programs.
The company offers services including: Laser and Chemical Engraving; Nickel Tooling; Architexture Design Studio; Tool Enhancement and Tool Finishing. From start to finish, these servic- es include the design of bespoke textures, the verification
of the texture on a prototype, engraving the mould, enhancing and polishing it, and then offer- ing on-site try-out support with ongoing tool maintenance and texture repair capabilities.
High-precision nickel shell moulds offer superior advantages designed to withstand extreme production conditions, and its laser texturing services offer per- fect texture fidelity and superior features such as multiple gloss levels, haptic touch features, the elimination of paint and optimised scratch performance.
  In its 135 years Starrett Precision Optical has delivered precision, quality and innova- tion in its products. They are easy to use, reliable and designed to optimise process and part performance.
The company specialises in three key areas of Metrology: Optical, Vision and Force. Optical Profile Projectors are in variations to cover multiple part sizes and weights in both horizon- tal and vertical non-contact meas- urement. Their classic, rugged design is ideal for manufacturers as they are versatile and accurate across many applications.
Vision Systems include Starrett Video measurement and inspec- tion equipment, which are the next generation in manual and automatic measurement sys-
tems. With precision mechanics and powerful intuitive software, they are ideal for QC labs, research environments and engi- neering workshops.
Force Measurement is the company's newest venture in metrology and includes the L1 series. These machines offer fully compatible specialised soft- ware to accompany a diverse range of products, all designed to give more control over your application processes.
Filtermist International Ltd IBS Precision Engineering Ltd Morson Projects Ltd
National Composites Centre
Plazology Ltd
R Winter Tooling Surface Generation Ltd Surtec North East Ltd

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