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'Solution Partner' helps aerospace supplier drive down costs and lead times
GTMA supplier Metrology UK has become a ’Solution Partner’ to aerospace supplier TGM Ltd which is dedicated to working with its customers to continually improve manufacturing processes and techniques.
“We are always looking to drive down costs and lead times, and with Metrology UK we have found a Solution Partner to help us achieve this,” it said.
TGM believes its engineering skills are its main assets and sees itself as a forward thinking and progressive company with par- ticular emphasis on total solutions.
It has adopted Metrology UK as its partner “in achieving its quality goals by providing the most technological advanced solutions in Verisurf and Inspection Expert platforms.”
Quality Manager Dan Hall said: “Verisurf Software and our measurement arm CMM
solution have changed fundamentally how we perceive quality. It is no longer just a final inspection tool but an asset that allows us to do in-process inspection which in turn minimis- es issues before we are committed to final manufacturing.
“We specialise in aerospace component machining and a fast and rapid turnaround is often required. With this in mind we looked for a solution for speeding up the FAI process and found InspectionXpert. It is an outstanding software development for this
industry for automated FAI creation. We used to manually 'bubble' our drawings then fill out the GD&T into the AS9102B forms which was time consuming and was prone to manual errors.”
InspectionXpert can work with both PDF and Native Catia drawings and models which saves at least 90% of time. “We used to produce a FAIR package in two days. Now we can do three per day.’
       There are many CMMS. One software makes them more powerfull
Learn more about the power of InspectionXpert by visiting our website or call for a demo +44 (0)1684 891372

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