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OUT IN FORCE – GTMA Pavilion gives a boost to medical sector push
Milestone comes as MED-TECH Innovation Expo moves to the NEC
     GTMA and its member suppliers are set to make a big impact at this year’s Med-Tech Innovation Expo show. For the first time ever there is a GTMA Pavilion at the event which has moved this year to the NEC, Birmingham (May 15-16).
The medical sector has been one of the pri- orities for the organisation for over two decades but there is now a strong resur- gence of interest in the sector, according to GTMA CEO Julia Moore. “As well as the companies in our Pavilion there is also a strong presence by our suppliers taking stands individually,” she said.
The medical network was one of the first sector networks the GTMA set up and includes many companies with proven expe- rience in the production of medical devices and components.
“We have attended in the past, but 2019 is definitely a milestone for us, with this our first GTMA Pavilion.”
GTMA chairman Jake Bishop from GTMA supplier IndySoft Europe, one of those in the Pavilion, agrees that the sector has grown in importance this year.
IndySoft is “delighted” to be in the GTMA Pavilion, he says, and the show is ideal for connecting with the right sort of decision maker. “It's an excellent place to pick-up new enquiries and to launch new products.” There has been considerable interest in 2019 by GTMA suppliers with some, like IndySoft, returning exhibitors and others new to the event.
“The Med-Tech team has partnered with leading organisations and journals too, so if
Photos, left, from GTMA exhibitor ND Precision Products, a strong supplier into medical, and, right, the floor show last year.
you are thinking about dipping your toe into the medical design and manufacturing tech- nology market, this show can be a lucrative way to start.”
The GTMA contingent includes 13 compa- nies in the Pavilion and 11 more, including world leaders like Renishaw, exhibiting under their own right.
Med-Tech Innovation Expo is promoted as the UK & Ireland’s leading showcase for medical design and manufacturing technology.
It hosts, among other attractions, live demonstrations of the latest machines, tech- nology, products and services and offers opportunities for networking with 4,000-plus designers, engineers, innovators and manu- facturers from across the medical and healthcare sector. continued on page 11
 Presentation will 'unlock the future' in medical design and manufacture...
GTMA supplier Paragon Rapid Technologies will be making a presenta- tion on ’Digital light synthesis - unlocking the future in medical design and manufac- turing.’
Digital Light SynthesisTM technology is the breakthrough technology from Carbon Inc that uses digital light projection, oxygen per- meable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce product and equipment parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish.
It has recently taken the spotlight in the den- tal sector, with Carbon’s specially formulated DPR10 dental resin 3D printing highly accu-
rate dental models approximately 10 times faster than other 3D print or additive manu- facturing methods.
Now this revolutionary technology is ready to move into the mainstream medical equip- ment arena. To support its market develop- ment programme, Carbon Inc has produced MP100.
This two-component, medical-grade resin that produces isotropic parts with fine fea- tures has been specifically designed to enable medical product manufacturers to accelerate product development cycles and improve product quality. Applications include:
• Single use surgical instruments and guides • Prostheses
• Components of medical equipment sys-
tem, such as covers, guards and adapters • Drug delivery systems such as inhalers, pill
bottles and single-use bio-processing devices.
Paragon AM Technologies, a Paragon Rapid Technologies company, offers Digital Light SynthesisTM as a highly efficient, cost-effective medical innovation and production process.
The presentation at Med-Tech will be by Project Manager, Roy Crombie.

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